It’s a Six Strings Story ! 
(may I Denise?)

Every one calls me Prime Minister & so should you!
Between you and me, I chose that name ( not because I’m the heaviest of them six, you bully) cause Nick – oops, I forgot…Spira – palm mutes the heck out of me…
Welcome to our story!
By the end of our SSS my twin delicate sister will reveal the name of the fine musical instrument we have been transformed into.


According to Nick’s life analytics ( fu, you are not Spira when you play guitar),
I am his most beloved note, chord, you name it!
But only in minor mode – till this very day major is a no man’s land for him…
There is a loop he created this August, just before forest fires wiped out any mood for jamming.
Here is Before the Fires.


Denying to leave us behind;
that’s what Nick has done with us (unlike, well you know who…).
Originally we were part of a really low cost instrument. It was bought with the only purpose of examining whether he would rekindle his relationship with  guitar playing and furthering his music theory foundations; to the latter his Sun & Stars was instrumental (every pun intended).
Mission was Accomplished (again,  unlike you know who…).
The usual thing to happen would be for that guitar to take a back seat, waaay back & acquire his new baby.
[The only recorded person to say “I will not buy another guitar ever” is Pinocchio…]
Instead Nick decided to transform this humble instrument into an one of a kind guitar!
Decorated top, sculpted dragon, new pick ups (mind you, the price of this set of Hot Rodded Seymour Duncan is waaay higher than the price of the original guitar)!
So you see, we were not left behind
and although not in Liverpool,
we will never walk alone! (eh Chris?)


G.o.d is the name and bending is my game! (drops mic)


Bye – that stuck with me after that awful, awful (but effective) rhyme to memorize our names:
Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie.
Poor Eddie!!
So the only thing left for me to say to you is:
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!


Nick named us.
Reason being he always has the actual feeling of burning inside every time he gets lost in a jam session…
…hence the dragon who sets himself on fire!

If you made it this far, a sincere thank you from all of us!
We’ll leave you with another recording, same time as the previous one.
Nothing fancy in recording – just a mobile phone.It is a first/take/jam/whatever/happens over a backing track by N Nesbo.
So with all its faults & love, here is…Burning Inside.



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  1. You most certainly may, Nick/Spira!

    6 note homage to instrument and self. What better way to rekindle the relationship.
    Why am I not surprise you be a minor key kind of guy, lol. But let’s face it – minor key rules. All there is to it 😎
    Her name is very cool. And the tailpiece! I like the personal touch. But do tell – finish is…? and around the control knobs?
    Thanks for including the August loop and Burning Inside track 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you milady!
      (This is going to be a long reply…)

      Starting from the end; thank you!
      I hope both of them didn’t torture your ears. And you know what – August loop I named it indeed but a bit clinical of a title, ain’t it? So, Before the Fires loop.

      Glad you liked her name D. Believe it or not, when I thought of it ( it has Hellenic roots) never googled it – till now! So, according to Merriam Webster dictionary:
      the highest heaven or heavenly sphere in ancient and medieval cosmology usually consisting of fire or light. Two birds with one stone, haha!

      Now, onwards to the craft secrets…as you wish milady!
      The basic component of the top finish is modelling paste manipulated and then patina layered.
      The dragon now is a different beast; it is hand sculpted from plaster. Which means I form a basic shape, let it dry, becomes rock hard, start sculpting.
      Took me a few weeks to make so it won’t obstruct the control knobs.

      Your powers of observation and intuition haven’t escaped me…so, yeah minor key all the way!

      A few more supplementary thoughts (blame Ford or Thomas lol)
      The guitar was bought in 2009. That’s when the rekindle happened along with the piano lessons my wife or Sun & Stars started giving me a few years back, thus deepening also my connection to music.
      Meanwhile, I think three years ago, I bought another guitar, a Gretsch Streamliner. Beautiful guitar and as any instrument of high qualities, it gives but it demands also. It doesn’t forgive anything, everything at the forefront.
      So, the idea was to transform my 09 guitar in a functioning piece of art, paying homage to it ,as you nicely said.
      To myself. trust me, no – if it came out this way, blame my poor editing skills!

      Thank you again D. Waiting for the “island” episode…fire!!!

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      • My apologies for late reply Spira!

        Ah, I can assure you, ‘twas no torture sir and “Before the Fires” is an excellent name.
        I Googled Empyrean as well. Perfect.

        How interesting. It looked like it would have taken a good bit of time to apply and form the top finish. I was wondering if the knobs were usable. Incredible you sculpted the dragon so precisely to fit around them so closely, yet keeping them functional.

        (we can blame them both, lol) Piano lessons good! (piano was my first instrument.) Your wife as teacher – no perfect set up, eh? Hope she wasn’t too easy on you 😉
        Agree the Gretsch would not be as forgiving for “enhancing” her appearance because, well, wasn’t she all that already?! 😁

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  2. Stunning, Nick! The music, the words and that beautiful guitar, which weeps so beautifully. On dragon’s wings and with your innate creativity, ‘yous’ (you both, in the Liverpool lingo), will certainly never walk alone. Walk on!

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    • Here is the story Chris: in 36 words you managed to create a heartfelt, charged arrow that went straight to my heart. And like the archer who is not content by hitting the bull’s eye only, you added yous…(how did you know I love this kind of knowledge?!?).
      Thank you – and with the wind of wishes of friends as yourself under my dragon’s wings, we’ll walk on!

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  3. Well now… dear Wizard, what have you done here?
    It goes past 11 and makes a 12!
    Will reply properly and get back soon, once I have removed myself from the ceiling.
    \m/ \m/ 😎😎😍😍😎😎 \m/ \m/
    PS. Hope the awful awful kidney stone is tamed!
    PPS. Na na na na making me remember some Banarama 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😁😁😁 thanks dear Mage! \m/
      Take your time.
      As I will. The little fkr have me in its claws since Saturday. With a break when I posted.
      I tried to take it into submission with GDMFSOB but it didn’t work 🤪
      Instead it gave me yesterday a 90 min session that literally knocked me out of my shoes…Completely exhausted right now.
      So, soon Ford. Everyone knows typical doesn’t apply to Spira world.

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  4. Empyrean is a choice name. It was good to go back and view the images again with the soundtrack of the loop and jam you created. Got to agree, as a dabbler in music myself, that –

    “the actual feeling of burning inside every time he gets lost in a jam session…”

    and –

    “…hence the dragon who sets himself on fire!”

    is true. Jamming, playing live, and even recording in a studio is just the best natural high there is, and can connect us to spiritual realms.

    Mate, the sculpture is a thing of beauty. My favourite element (of many) is the work done on the body. It’s like an ocean of lava, or a forest silhouetted against a raging fire – indeed, your main theme.

    Such a fun post of so many facets. Love how you themed it on the SSS!

    Love n hugs n a big bravo!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I am nowhere near your music experiences but am I to blame for dreaming of a Wizard and a Mage, somewhere, somehow, jamming till they completely burn?

      Thank you! You always find the words to create an inspirational feedback – priceless.

      Mind you it got the SSS seal by the Lady herself!

      I know you are not the one who will use others people work to reference yours and neither am I.
      But I cannot but to send you a huuuge hug for completing your novel. And another one for your epic birthday!!

      Love n hugs n a big bravo right back at you!
      (if the synopsis gets on your nerves, you got two options:
      _Throw a GDMFSOB
      _with Ian’s voice You shall not pass)

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah, one day when a wizard and a mage finally get their jam, the sky will be alight!

        Approval by D for your SSS add-ons is just perfect! Thanks for the bday and novel hugs 🙂

        Lol at the synopsis GDMFSOB by Ian 😂 but you know I’m gonna give it the full Peaky fkn Blinders treatment if it gets on me nerves, roight!

        Liked by 2 people

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