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Why not?


To notice the unnoticeable, humble elements of this earth and transform them into new occupants of time and space .
And if they are deemed worthy they will share your time, space or both.

This is my art,

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Recently I had the pleasure of a de profundis conversation about the perspective of Albert Camus on the myth of Sisyphus.
As I write these lines,  I realise an analogy between the burden of thought ( as depicted with this creation) and the task of Sisyphus.

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The legendary Nefertiti was the wife of Akenaton, pharaoh of Egypt during the New Kingdom era (1539 – 1070 BC ).
They must have really stepped on someone’s toe, cause after their death all they have created, reformed were destroyed almost to the point of extinction. Read the rest of this entry

Lady of the Woods IV – ΑΜΑΔΡΥΑΣ


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Free at last { The Calling X }


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