7 characters, 6 sentences, 5 words, 4 letter acronym, 1 place…
…Six Sentence Café & Bistro or SSC&B

In the words of the Six Sentence Stories host, GirlieOnTheEdge : “…conjure a Six Sentence Story using the (weekly renewed) prompt word. It may be in the form of story, poem, recollection, soc or the next episode in your ongoing story.
Startle and impress, comfort and amuse, enlighten and encourage  in no more or no less than 6 sentences.

The main culprit for introducing me to this band of formidable wordsmiths and storytellers is none other than Ford aka The Atomic Mage aka Ford the Supplier.

I wrote as a reply to a comment :”  …imagine if-beyond laws of space and time-this low lit bistro atmosphere/discussion you know so well at the Six Sentence Story could manifest! Wouldn’t that be something!! ” – reply : “If this bistro could manifest, oh yes Spira, it would be most incredible!! “

Fast forward after a music improvisation metaphor, a sign was hung outside our virtual Café, with the fitting motto (courtesy of one of the stories by Denise The Bartender : Because dear friend, there is more to this story.

And so it is; a place where unpretending freedom of being and expression is paramount. And spontaneous reactive synchronization!
In other words (mine) :
So if you think the SSC&B as a wooden beam and each of us as a pendulum clock,
we begin as “ticking’ in our own frequencies.
And that would be the case, swaying back and forth in our own rhythm, if we were apart from each other.
But after a period of time the clocks begin to spontaneously synchronize.
Now, let’s suppose someone tries to disturb the clocks and set them out of sync…after a roughly same period of time the clocks will be locked again in synchronization. It was 1656 AD when the phenomenon was first observed and the wooden beam was determined to be the factor that transferred mechanical vibrations from one clock to another making the oscillators coupled.”

Seven characters who can be found at the origins of the SSC&B, named The Proprietors, are:

Chris The Raconteuse Clark The Tall Thin  Man , Denise The Bartender , Ford The Supplier , Jenne The Inscrutable , The Mimiand yours truly Nick The Gatekeeper.

Here you can  find my  Tales from the Six Sentence Café & Bistro :

Because dear friend…

…There is more to this story.




The deeper that you bleed

All for one…

May…wonderful time to…

Why Exit Now?


Not All Who Wander Are Lost

City…Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of…

Take Me With You

From Womb To Tomb

Quoth the Son of Pasiphaë

One Cigar At A Time …

Self Inflicting Wounds

Yin & Yang, non?

Dream Weaver

Thinking Of Home

Do Not Judge A Story By The Chapter You Walked In On

It’s Raining


and remember…there is always more to any story…