Some say it is an epic tale told in Six Sentences.
It is also much more in ways I cannot begin to describe…

Each episode will be titled after the eight virtues of Bushido, the way of the warrior.

– calligraphy made and katana owned, by Spira –

Arigato gozaimasu


Way Of The Warrior – An Introduction

CHAPTER I : Way Of The Warrior – Loyalty

CHAPTER II : Way Of The Warrior – Character/Self Control

CHAPTER III : Way Of The Warrior – Politeness

CHAPTER IV : Way Of The Warrior – Sincerity

CHAPTER V : Way Of The Warrior – Courage

CHAPTER VI : Way Of The Warrior – Mercy

CHAPTER VII : Way Of The Warrior – Honor

CHAPTER VIII : Way Of The Warrior – Justice

CHAPTER VIII : Way Of The Warrior – Justice – Part II

CHAPTER IX : Way Of The Warrior – Epilogue

By The Company Of Warriors I Keep
Spira / Nick ©  


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