[ A new painting stands at an area of my house where people I know come and go ]

[ Comments are in order of increased focus/presence – their respective answers in italic from yours truly ]

” Oh Nick, you made a new painting – nice. ”
Thank you.

” You painted a spiral (which is the meaning of Spira in Hellenic) – how fitting. ”
Not exactly but thank you.

” Beautiful texture on the canvas. ”
It looks like it, doesn’t it? At least until you take a closer look.

” My God, are all these letters? I can’t seem to read any words among them. ”
Yes they are. That’s because you are trying to read them the traditional Western way. Try from top to bottom, row by row!

” Such accuracy – no mistakes! It looks like a task fit for a prisoner!! ”
It was a creation that left no room for error – and I am proud to say that this is the first and only try!
Being secluded is a choice; imprisonment is not…

For the past 10 years I have been trying to essentially reinvent myself via the artistic journey of Spira. It has been miraculous!
It wouldn’t be possible without the full support of my wife, my Sun & Stars.
And it wouldn’t be possible without you who interact with my art, with me, even creating sometimes bonds of friendship, empathy.

I am currently privileged to be amongst the company of some formidable wordsmiths, storytellers (you know who you are)!
I hope you will not be offended by my “use” of your fundamental material in this creation ; but see with me the magic words carry apart from their meaning, just in their physical form.
(These particular words are 24 poems from a dear poet).

It is also a difficult journey, especially when no shore is visible on the horizon.
Birth, after birth, after birth, over two hundred by now… eventually dark clouds overwhelm you.

But then comes a morning like this one; November 1st and blessed by a glorious sunshine, by a tender touch as I am asleep on my forehead that speaks no words yet says so much and you find your head held up a bit higher…

This painting is a big, deep thank you to all of you…you who help me create my echoes...
…echoes from a voice yet to be heard.

Handwritten ink on canvas, 50 x 70 cm.

And yes, I will soundtrack this one too D πŸ™‚


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  1. Beautiful. Intense. Literally poetry in motion, Spira.
    I love the 5 frame intro. The comments and your responses to them, perfect in their evolution.
    You know, this piece reminds me of pointillistic art. Except in “reverse”!
    Thank you for sharing your art and through it, your journey. May your echoes resound perpetually.

    (As you should, S. πŸ˜„. It is a most excellent, haunting and emotional soundtrack. I’ve hit play at least 6 or 7 times)

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    • Denise, imagine if-beyond laws of space and time-this low lit bistro atmosphere/discussion you know so well at the Six Sentence Story could manifest! Wouldn’t that be something!!

      Poetry in motion…nailed it again!
      Yes you are right…we must find a proper name for it;
      Your wish is treasured.
      Thank you once again.

      Haha, my grandpa (remember him from the post I am?) used to say that first a man dies and then looses his habits.
      So glad you liked it. Now people may not believe me when I say that when I thought of it I didn’t remember the album title.
      [Blame the last two years of using Spotify instead of having a physical Cd at my collection…]
      So when I searched it on YT to add it to the post I saw that the album title was…*drum roll*…Echoes!

      Final note: as I see you are a fellow “Repeater” I hope you will join me in setting the record straight for all those young repeater wannabies, who think that the press of a loop button does the trick…
      No noo nooo…you cannot achieve said status if you haven’t passed the gauntlet of:
      -pressing the stop button *feel to your bones that mechanical thunder* at the tape recorder and then rewind, looking at the meter not to overshoot and pray the tape won’t be “chewed” after the tenth time.
      – get up, pick up * gently* the record player arm and place it * even more gently* at the correct groove of the vinyl.
      Then and only then the coveted Repeater title can be yours **end of rant**

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    • Bruce!! Thank you so much mate!!
      Literally moments ago I was starting a conversation here with Denise about how to call that technique…and then the arcane bomb!!

      Daedalian …!!!

      That’s why I say time and again, there is magic in our interactions with you who gift me your genuine presence.
      What more can I ask than ” love it dude! ” ? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. If this bistro could manifest, oh yes Spira, it would be most incredible!!

    (I remember) Your grandpa, a very wise man. His statement reaches far beyond the literal.

    Drum roll ceased, lol. I easily believe you – as I believe in body memory. I believe in the body “knowing” first before the mind, before our conscious self goes messing with the “wiring” πŸ˜‰

    No, that doesn’t do the trick as there’s so much more to it – to the why, “repeat”.
    You either are or you aren’t (a “repeater). My poor attempt to be as clearly succinct as Bruce!)

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  3. You are the one-take wizard here, dear Wizard – “It was a creation that left no room for error – and I am proud to say that this is the first and only try!” Bravo, that’s a complex design and structure, simple and innocent at first look, quite, then close up… a mega-combination of words spoken in ink – not just spoken… but a song too… for I see the spiral as a chorus.

    I’ve always enjoyed seeing words/text/letters incorporated into art, and have done so myself… but not on this level. Your eyes must be ‘in good nick’, Nick πŸ™‚ to focus on such detail – I know we’re roughly the same age, and my eyes have been going kaput for a few years now. How will our art adapt to any eventual failures of our body (and >shudder< even our minds!). The creative spirit is strong to define itself under many challenging circumstances I think.

    Your latest 'echo' here… I like the harmony of your inked words made into art, and the idea of real poetry used, and the placement of the work in front of yet another fine specimen from your musical instrument collection! And then the sentiment… of a quite special little cafΓ© bistro we all know well called the 6SS transposed right here into Spiraville, where the words and the colours and the shapes and the music give us all yet another home from home where we might meet! And then, too, the Sunrise tune which accompanies your work is well considered and placed. (and how cool that you found yet another 'echo') 😎

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    • My dear Mage, ___ _ ___ — __ *words spoken in the secret soundless language only a Mage and a Wizard can share*
      I had no doubt of your insightful observations; ones that not only portrait total presence but often create a catalyst with results we both have witnessed.
      Thank you , humbly.
      Ahh, the eyes…you are right, they should be kaput by now…in fact they are, but I can still see good enough and close enough(as the creation proves) without a visit to a doctor.
      The answer to my cryptic statement is brain plasticity.
      It is a skill our brain has, that many scientific fields discover recently…but in rehabilitation we take advantage of it for over 50 years.
      Basically it is the brain’s ability to create new neuropathways towards a certain end, when the ‘original” ones are hindered or damaged.
      So provided the appropriate stimulus is present, depending on each case parameters, various degrees of success can be achieved.
      In my case, each eye by it self has its issues – yet the brain part responsible for my vision has found a way to counterbalance the deficiencies and produce an eyesight I can live and work with. And that’s that…magic πŸ™‚

      “Another home from home where we might meet” Nailed it too!!
      Denise had a very plausible explanation of why I chose that song, belonging to the album Echoes…
      …except that, I had listened only to this track, the album I found out as I was searching YT for a link to share at the post…
      As I said, can coincidence be the way for Gods to remain anonymous??

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  4. Finally able to post a comment via Atomic Mage (I already said what I wanted via TVTA luckily). Looks like it was a ‘Chrome’ problem and I figured it out because Twitter was unresponsive on Chrome too. Switched to another browser for now and everything works again. So mate… thanks to your post I got off my ass and worked it out πŸ™‚

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    • I was meaning to ask you about that…few weeks ago I had to activate the extensions again but till I figured out they were deactivated somehow..%$%$#%^#@!!
      Glad you sorted it out *big sigh of relief from the Happiness Engineers lol* πŸ˜‰

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      • Yeah, I have no idea what went wrong, but WP and Twitter was all over the place on Chrome. I tried logging into both today using Edge and they worked. I only used Chrome because Firefox stopped working for WP when I bought my last laptop. Will try FF again before re-installing Chrome.

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  5. This is amazing, Spira! Having already had my mind ripped back in time at Ford’s place, I came straight to you and saw your *inspiring* artwork. Coupled with your choice of music, reading your commentary and then the thread of comments, I am moved. My heart and soul well up.
    I’ll be back again later. I want to enjoy this all over again – you see, I am a repeater too: my scarred vinyl is a testament to that.

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    • Dear Chris, fellow repeater, milady, your soul hand rested again at the right time on the shoulder of a driftwood at the edge…
      Take your time, our place here is always open with a warm cup of tea waiting for you.

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  6. Phenomenal! I’ve thought about this a bit from when it first came up and was looking for the best words to describe what makes it so impressive. It’s the work of a mosaic artist and a pre-Guttenberg scribe. In both cases each element is placed with care and intention in order to come together to a work greater than its constituent elements.

    Amazing results come easy nowadays: software and modern tools help clean up the imperfections and massively amplify the productivity and skill of the individual. Endowing one person with tools that gives them the abilities of 100 people has its place but it also highlights what’s really admirable (and uncommon) here which is that time and effort and attention to detail are ultimately the ingredients of timeless work.

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    • Well Michael, you have no idea how much spot on you are!

      During the creation, I was playing early music from the 13th century and the first Gregorian chants…in effect I did felt at moments (or convinced myself I did) a shiver connecting me to an old scribe.

      Your analysis is once more so complete without being soulless, definitely a trait of yours!
      Thank you immensely for sharing here in our little bistro your thoughts and feelings.
      Creating clusters of humanity, even in this minuscule format, I believe that will prove to be more essential than its appearance lead us to think.


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