Chronos (200th creation)


Here we are! A milestone in a journey…200 creations (among other alignments I describe previously in Numbers )

To be honest, I don’t think it has any significant importance to anyone than the said person’s effort to grasp the sands of time…
So, not wanting to waste any more of your time, let’s move on to this celebratory creation titled after the Hellenic word for time ( all time pun intended).

It started in a cave, hasn’t it?
Imagine being in one as Plato describes it ; chained, restricted to facing the dark walls of the cave.
Where you can only observe what is happening around you through the shadows cast by the light somewhere above and behind you.
And what is happening is Life.

Now, without trying to be pedantic (if I end up being so, please set me straight), Plato’s cave was used as an allegory for his theory that everything we experience are nothing but the shadows of their ideal forms existing in another plane.
Our limitations “chain” us to a certain level of understanding; at least till we are freed from them.

Time and the knowledge of his ephemeral existence are some of man’s unique chain links.
In that limited time, the pursuit of beauty whether is a mathematical equation, an astounding orchard, a life devoted to teaching or an art creation, is a pathway to the realm outside of the darkness of our cave.

As we strive for that, we understand.
And to understand is to transform what is.
Then the steps towards the light are not blinding but freeing.

{ among other things, at the following creation are inscribed the words of the lyric poet Pindaros some 2300 years ago : Man is a shadow’s dream ( Σκιάς όναρ άνθρωπος) – there is also the number Φ.}

I want to honestly thank you for accompanying me in this journey. In a world where a lot of things, including words, are loosing their essence, please know that I mean every single one of them… THANK YOU.

Hand sculpted wax – 150 x 40 cm.


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  1. Phenomenal! I was going to compliment you on your carvings, so crisp and clean cut – not to mention intricate..and mention my “engravings” I apply to my 3D models. Then I scrolled down far enough to see your sculpture illuminated and I was stopped in my tracks…that is absolutely beautiful. I wish I had the skill to actual model/sculpt something like this in physical form.

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    • I am moved by your reactions!
      I know that you are someone who pays attention to detail, as portrait by your creations. Don’t we find ourselves battling against the question ” Why do x when no one will notice it?”
      The answer I give is “I do”.
      Thus the spiral of detailing begins…🙂
      You also justified my deletion at the description of the creation the ” with insert light” !
      FT, thank you so much!.

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    • Thank you Jacob!
      You are right when you say it is mesmerising ; I call that attribute as meditation enhancer. Especially when it is the only source of illumination in a room, then it’s like a soft pulsing heart radiating.
      I hope I’m making some sense.
      Btw , that line from your comment at The Remains of She “creativity persist in difficult times, it does us all good” is such a gift.
      Thank you sir!

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    • It is like a magical fire, isn’t it?
      How fitting for a Wizard, yeah?😄
      The objects your keen eye observed are parts from a watch I dismantled…well, butchered actually cause I was too impatient to wait for my brother to provide appropriate tools due to covid restrictions etc…
      Thank you Chris for gifting me your time, attention and thoughts.
      Much appreciated. 🙂

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  2. A beautifully written introduction dear Wizard. Your sculpture #200 Chronos is a thing of hypnotic beauty – a sense/dimension, a gateway, a portal, birth and regeneration as I see and feel it.
    Lucky I was privvy to a sneak peek once, and I feel even more the vibration of those harps we spoke of… and that connection to something tribal, primordial.
    Lit-up it’s extraordinary how it changes and reveals so many details, almost like how a lighted pumpkin shows up lightly carved details on its skin (similar colours too, sorry I am already becoming excited for Halloween 🎃).
    I like how it has spaces and ledges to stand crystals and big feck off time instruments!
    The phots are ace, bet it’s another level seeing it live!
    Bravo! Bravo!

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    • Where do I start my dear Mage…?
      I am humbled and strengthened by the reactions I am getting for Chronos; and yours is no small part of that.

      When you find yourself mostly being in silence and you battle all kinds of _ to make sense in your sequence of words, seeing that people not only are tuning in but find it beautiful is a blessing.

      I love the gateway + connections you made; and between you and me after finishing such a creation I find myself wondering ” how the hell did I make this”. It is like being in another dimension when I am deeply synched.

      Primordial is another core resonance I am aiming for – knowingly or not. So needless to say that you are spot on once again mate!

      And then comes the light…the fire from within.
      I am so relieved its radiance was portrayed sufficiently in 2D photographs.
      And its presence in a room (even in one with a bunch of other creations) allow me to say that is imposing .

      I have a feeling you will go for something like fuckyoucovidesque this Halloween 🎃!!

      My friend, Diolch yn fawr!

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      • I think it’s able to ‘tune us in’ easily. There is an irresistible melody to it. In some ways you have maybe been orchestrated by deep and magical powers to create this, and yes you are left wondering ‘how did I make this’ lol. Sometimes we create something that truly surprises us as artists.
        Ooh, a covid Halloween theme this year ?
        A little, yes, maybe, but with added panda power!!! 🐼😎🎃😎🐼

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        • You…magnificent..teaser 🤣
          Now I’m intrigued!

          The “irresistible melody to it ” brings to mind the Music of the spheres…oh, here we go again!
          Big love!!


        • Yeah baby, it’s gonna be my pièce de résistance in the world of pumpkin carving for me so far! 🐼🤩😂

          The music of the spheres… ah, a harmonic and mathematical resonance… you started it mate, you and your numbers 😉

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  3. My Brother,
    What an extraordinary piece of art work you have done, Nik!!!
    The amazing detail and the so great light, looks so wonderful and magnetize the look!

    What an art for the milestone, that is your journeys imprint… which started with a step to uknown and continues in time, with you being liitle older, little wiser and more brighter.

    Along with that journey stands our brotherhood, through which, you make me see outside of caves darkness and you always walk side by side with me, out to light.

    What an exceptional journey and milestone !!!
    I am so, Proud of you and all of your journey, looking forward, for more great things… that chronos…will bring to us.
    Shield by Shield

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