The Remains of She


Welcome to the second collaboration project by Ford and Spira.
The Remains of She is a lovestory which has travelled the centuries to bring about a renewal of nature and humankind.
Prepare yourself for a magical journey into the past and future… as we present to you…The Remains of She
So follow the link below to Ford’s place and enjoy!

Η νέα συνεργασία με τον καλλιτέχνη Ford Waight είναι εδώ!!
Μία ιστορία αγάπης σε καιρούς πανδημίας…
[ Για μέγιστη απόλαυση δώστε στον εαυτό σας τουλάχιστον 30΄ με θέαση σε μεγάλη οθόνη. ]
Πατήστε στο παρακάτω λίνκ για να δείτε τη δημιουργία μας στον ιστότοπο του Ford.

The Atomic Mage

Welcome to the second collaboration project by Ford and Spira. 

The Remains of She takes place in a dystopian future England and Wales, and concerns the 10th century historical characters Æthelflæd Lady of the Mercians, her husband Lord Æthelred, and their daughter Ælfwynn – the hero of our tale. The Remains of She is a love story which has travelled the centuries to bring about a renewal of nature and humankind.

Our ‘continuation’ of this Mercian true story is presented here today in the form of an epic poem, sculpture, photography and art.

For maximum reading and viewing pleasure please allow yourself a comfortable thirty minutes with a large screen, and prepare yourself for a magical journey into the Mercian past and future… as we present to you…

The Remains of She

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  1. Yes!
    Wizard, Nick, my dear friend, let me just say here that this project #2 collaboration with you has been a joy. Not only does your sculpture and art compliment the narration of my tale in weaving into the final tapestry such rich images, but your creative spirit has helped shape the narration in ways I did not imagine.
    True collaboration and inspiration indeed!
    Thank you so much, keep the fire burning always!
    BIG hug and bravo!

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    • Yes yes!!!
      What can I say…we both guided each other in creative places we were not aware of.
      And that’s just one kind of the magic of it all.
      The weaving of the poem is nothing short of an ageless whisper travelling across centuries.
      Thank you from the bottom of this old Wizard’s heart!
      Cheers , bravo and praise indeed to the creative spirit gracing us once more!!

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  2. Nick and Ford, this is so compelling! A truly harmonious collaboration, where the partnership of art and the written word come together so seamlessly, each element complimenting and supporting the other. I love the language, I love the story and its relevance, and I love the artworks, especially the blending of the ancient and the modern. It begs an installation and narration! I doff my hat to you both.

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    • Chris , thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.
      It shows, doesn’t it? I would portrait our collaboration as a fluid dance but I am worse in dancing than a log!
      I guess all our creative inputs were appearing as single elements but then they were instantly weaved together ; each time revealing more of the final pattern.
      I am so honored by our creation (and to tell you a little secret, relieved that my art seamlessly supported the Words Whisperer’s saga !)
      And wow indeed for the suggestion of an installation!!!I
      You know what this means Mage…shoo shoo🤯😎
      Thank you Chris from the bottom of my heart

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  3. Once again you have both absolutely blown me away with your wonderful symbiosis of beautiful art and prose. I stand honestly in awe of your continuing collaboration, you seem to compliment each other perfectly. Here’s looking forward to more of your symbiosis, plus I love the fact that it’s situated place in Wales and England (I actually lived in Staffordshire for a short while after leaving University!) Stunning visuals, absorbing narrative… just lovely! 🙂

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