echoes from a voice yet to be heard…

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  • " The Way of the Warrior "
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  • DSC00238 wm
  • DSC09589s
  • Tholos
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  • Pic 01
  • " Ode to Vincent Van Gogh "  Driftwood - Αλίκτυπο ξύλο  16 x 20 cm.
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  • DSC00505
  • DSC04475
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  • DSC00571
  • DSC00457
  • DSC00396
  • " Cymatica"  On wood - σε ξύλο  40 x 64 cm.
  • DSC00366
  • DSC00084
  • " Seekers of Truth "  On canvas  60 x 80 cm.
  • DSC00309a2wm
  • DSC00306awm
  • DSC00181awm
  • " Anapterosis " Driftwood, stone, sculptured plaster - αλίκτυπο ξύλο, πέτρα, σκαλισμένος γύψος  36 cm.
  • DSC00003
  • DSC00250



TRIPTYCH – anaΣtasis

DSC00423 (1024x768)With this the TRIPTYCH is complete  Continue reading / Συνέχεια->


The Way of the Warrior

DSC00308 (1024x768)Created for someone dear to me, after winning the battle that person had to give. Continue reading/ Συνέχεια ->



DSC00286 (1024x768)A fallen Angel at the moment of the return of the Soul to the Transcendent Unity.
Or could it be the Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->


DSC00255 (1024x753)Japanese aesthetics have always been a dear teacher for me. Admired not only for their quality but possibly more due to the philosophy that is organically attached  to them.
Kintsugi means… Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->

Fómhar ag teacht

DSC00246 wmThe first fall notes are beginning to surface beneath the golden summer.
Autumn is comingContinue reading / Συνέχεια ->


It is almost common knowledge the various inspiring quotes concerning the importance of not giving up when met by a failure or defeat but to rise and move ahead. They even seem to amalgamate into the core of our society, directing our gaze upwards; as one of the possible origins of  the Hellenic word for human, Anthropos, means:to look upwards.

Pick up your pieces and move forth. Yet, Continue reading /Συνέχεια ->

Stairway to Heaven

DSC09589s” A stairway I beheld to such a height

Uplifted, that mine eye pursued it not.”

Dante, Paradiso XXI, lines 29-30  Continue / Συνέχεια ->


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