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The Path of the Warrior



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I am


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As you are reading these lines somewhere in the world parents mourn their dead children.
A loved one says goodbye to his/her life’s companion with a last breath.
Others are looking at the dawn of a new day having lost their jobs.
Or the ability to perform simple every day tasks, as the result of an accident.
Some others are searching through the wreckage to find the remains of their home.

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Long Live Rock ‘n Roll


DSC00552Thinking about my first encounter with rock it had to be through my dad’s records of late 60’s ; the preparation of the record, setting the record player, you know the whole nine yards.
Then it was a tape mixed by my cousin Jerry from Los Angeles ; a red tape with Deep Purple’s Machine Head (nuff said), Black Sabbath, Supertramp, P. Frampton…
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Τhe Lost Sonata


DSC09247Unbelievably so, even now unseen works from L v Beethoven emerge from forgotten corners of dusty libraries…

Mixed materials technique.

Μέχρι τις μέρες μας, νέα έργα του Λ. Μπετόβεν αναδύονται από ξεχασμένες γωνιές του χώρου και του χρόνου…

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