May…wonderful time to… (Tales from the SSC&B)


{ Denise gracefully hosts Six Sentence Stories; where writers unleash their magic under one simple rule: in no more or no less than 6 sentences.
This week’s prompt word is : CONFETTI
This is a continuation of  Become  and after Clark’s  scene}

# I (Nick) looked at Denise, smiled to each other without moving a muscle in our faces, as I said to the Sophomore: ” Young dude, trust me when I say you’d be better off explaining what happened to Mimi, Chris and Jenne (or her tomahawk).
Greeted the Bartender with a hongi as I whispered : ” I have to go D; Ford & Annfred will soon call and I have to decide if I become or not…”
As I stepped out of the SSC&B confetti danced on the floor behind me; F’n thing sticks everywhere like an euhiradinea from hell…#


May…wonderful time to…

” Gatekeeper, to protect her you must become what howls inside…” her last words were ringing in my head as I was sitting in a darkened room; She has an impressive timeline (understatement of the year) and, in what some may perceive as a sign of weakness, She accounted some of it one Saturday morning not long ago – She started on…
May 540 BC, when Hale-Bopp could be seen at the evening sky, a child was born in Sparta named Leonidas and the last words of Penthesilea to Achilles still echo…

May 57 AD, at the island of Anglesey (or Mona as it was named at the time) as She walks at Llanfairpwllgwyngyll among the infernal sea of corpses under the banner and by orders of general Suetonius Paulinus :”the Druids must be erased from the face of this earth”; and they were, with the efficacy future empires would also exhibit again and again and again…

May 26th 1637 AD, her face blackened by the smoke of the fires burning the Pequots near Mystic river at Connecticut as the Puritan militia and enlisted tribes set ablaze the fortified village killing more than 500 Pequots, mainly children, women and elders…

May 1693 AD, She was at the back seats of the courtroom in Salem, Massachusetts  as the guards prepared the gallows for the nineteen women and men; the faces of the local magistrates painted red from the defiant cry of Giles Corey “more weight“…

May 1822 AD, more than 52,000 Hellenes of Chios island were butchered by the Turkish troops creating rivers of blood, not metaphorically, inside the city –  She was standing motionless at a rock by the Aegean sea & Victor Hugo wrote of her sightings, depicting her as a child:
“Que veux-tu ? fleur, beau fruit, ou l’oiseau merveilleux ? (“What would you like? Flowers, fruits, marvelous birds?)
– Ami, dit l’enfant grec, dit l’enfant aux yeux bleus, ( Friend, replies the greek child with the clear blue eyes)
Je veux de la poudre et des balles.” ( I want some gun powder and bullets)…

...May 2022 AD As I start the Incantation my reply to She floats unuttered…Let it be.




About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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  1. Damn1

    Will return.

    The new Reader (courtesy of the effort and skill of the Proprietors in arranging multiple timelines so that there is newer a lack of interesting people and rooms to examine further) is surely advised to relax and follow the narrative trail dictated by their mood, being assured that upon their return they will be intrigued…

    1) cause, like a bunch readage here, yo*

    *and people be saying, clark, you want us to know the great3 parents of the current
    Proprietors lived in Paris in the mid-1800s**

    **and, yeah, we’re all wondering about the sub & super script html

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  2. …Frist!!*

    * back, in the before time, when we all. were young, the honor of being the first to read and comment was sought after by all (the story of the term FRIST to follow)

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  3. (OK, man, stop scaring me, lol – yes, the voice is still scary as hell!)

    [Hey, Clark! I coulda been FRIST but I was traveling and by the time…..]

    Nick…Gatekeeper. Intense. Challenging. Mystical and mysterious. Deep. Multi-dimensional.
    So this is what you do in your off time from the SSC&B when not counseling the Sophomore! Tell me, other than the Bartender, who else knows of your dealings with her?? And what of She? You know it’s all on you, right? Or is it? Will it?

    (the echoes of howling in the distance float through the evening air…)

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    • (as hell you said…may I remind you I am a Hell enas?!)

      (You are FRIST cause yours is a comment…Clark just reserved a seat for later lol)

      Between you and me, Ford is aware of my dealings.
      Yes, it is on me; always has, always will.

      (…heard by the ones who have nothing to fear…seen by the ones they do…)

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  4. A mighty potent follow up to ‘Become’, and a trip through time at some of its most manic and bloody points, as viewed by the watchful ‘She’… like Judgement, Death or a Witness For All Ages. Love the mention of Halle Boppe (reminded me of The Remains of She days), and so glad you used your recorded narration and guitar tracks here 😎

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  5. ” Gatekeeper, to protect her you must become what howls inside…” What an opening. And what horrors to follow. humankind just won’t learn. Powerfully, told, Spira. And amazing voice.

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    • You are most kind Jenne, thank you!
      Not exactly a Saturday evening read but you know me…
      I am going to print your voice compliment and frame it!
      Mind you it is the first time (and probably the last) my voice has ever been recorded or exposed in public…that sigh of soil and rocks and driftwood.

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    • Only what is required of me…it has been written, bits here and there.
      Look at 4.05″ lyrics.
      It is nice though, to have on my back the open horizons and soft forest streams of your mindscapes.

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  6. another one!!
    “sigh of soil and rocks and driftwood.

    (“Hello?Metaphors ‘R Us? I’d like to double my order…. what? supply chain?!@?! I’l give you a supply chain…right here… sure, price has gone up… what else is hypo-reasonable)

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  7. …ok.ok. SABD* is kicking in:

    Excellent Six!

    (so, the story of FRIST?

    Back, in the early days of being in the ‘sphere, I took up the notion that the first comment to one of my new friends** all of whom were really good at the writing thing and ever body was in one bloghop or another… in other words, lots of opportunity to comment, I set out to try and be first on any new post.

    My first realization that Comments are, for the most part, non-editable came when, in my (understandable haste) I spelled it ‘FRIST!*** and hit ‘Post Comment’

    It is a measure of the class and grace of my new friends that like the scene in Heinlein’s novel ‘Job A Comedy of Justice’, the others repeated the misspelling with a sense of celebration that I continued to use it.

    * a way old one: ‘South American Breakfast Drink
    ** in the social metaphor of the time, the cool kids at a table in the high school cafeteria, for reasons still not understood, welcomed me to join them… no pressure for a clark there! lol
    *** yeah, of course, with the exclamation point… lol

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  8. Thank you master Weaver.

    I imagined something like that (although due to my dealings with kids with ADHD and what not, my mind ventured to that direction for a sec).

    Not to worry, you will always be the FRIST! in our hearts ( although I must confess a guilty pleasure after being such at D’s Six- another first for me 😁).

    So, does SABD has a recipe you can share or it is a euphemism for something as essential as black coffee?

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    • an old designation for the coffee of the morning
      It (the origin story of FRIST) was one of the first of many times being lucky in the company I’ve found myself welcomed here in the blogsphere.

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    • For me too. I was looking for an alternative for leech and, truth be told, it sounds more ominous doesn’t it?
      What baffles me though is that in the Hellenic language the added ευ eu signifies something good…and I can’t find anything good about that leech! lol

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