Become… (Tales from the SSC&B)


{ Denise gracefully hosts Six Sentence Stories; where writers unleash their magic under one simple rule: in no more or no less than 6 sentences.
This week’s prompt word is : TERM }

This story’s events are narrated after  Ford‘s When the Crone Came KnockingDenise‘s Anybody got a match?



Oh, I answered that door alright, only not when you all saw me do it; a day earlier, none other than Friday herself, was when She came knocking.

I am almost used to her visits by now – meaning not having a heart attack every time She appears out of thin air and sits by my side, invisible to all yet felt and heard as surely as I feel and hear you across the Six Sentence Café & Bistro table.

So, it is Nick The Gatekeeper now… as if you hadn’t enough names already: Dr N, Spira, The Wizard, bearded man… they missed one though” ;
normally I would give her that stare I reserve for those itching for some entitlement correction but, you guessed it, that won’t work on what you cannot see thus my response was only : Friday night…there is definitely a reason for your visit at this time…

Tell me Gatekeeper, how are you planning to face a predator if you linger being what they perceive as prey…(I stay silent looking where her eyes might be, next to my left shoulder)…how will you embrace the light if you don’t acknowledge the darkness inside ? (I remain silent looking at my hands, not resting anymore)

” Morrow someone will visit you here and she will need your help; she has been fighting against prosecution, prejudice, violence and greed for as long as I can remember – Annfred is her name.”

I could sense her aura leaving as her last whispers floated like the dust particles from the neon lit stage of the SSC&B:
“The seven of you will decide the terms of your assistance…but know that she is hunted through aeons…Gatekeeper, to protect her you must become what howls inside…”



*The stereo started to play a song as She left…I hate ( and love) when She does that…

“I’ve always been a hunter
Nothing on my tail
But there was something in you
I knew could make that change
To capture a predator
You can’t remain the prey
You have to become
An equal
In every way
So look in the mirror
And tell me, who do you see?
Is it still you?
Or is it me?
Become the beast
We don’t have to hide
Do I terrify you
Or do you feel alive?
Do you feel the hunger
Does it howl inside?
Does it terrify you?
Or do you feel alive?”


About Spira

A Renaissance human. Part healer, part B/W photographer, part artist, part sigh of a writer, part explorer of guitar & piano landscapes, always in love with music..."Music is the fabric that clothes our lives" as Denise Farley once wrote. All done with the dedication, intensity & passion of an imperfect speck of cosmic debris.

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  1. Spira! Excellent prequel to Ford’s last Six! And so, I ask, who does not totally enjoy a prequel that evokes antiquity, hints at the ancients; those outside of time and oozes mystery?

    It appears the Gatekeeper, privy to knowledge beyond the scope of the others, has a most daunting task ahead of him.

    Very cool images and your soundtrack totally (and eerily) compliments your Six.

    “I remain silent looking at my hands, not resting anymore.” Very intense. Don’t know why, but that line stood out for me.

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    • Milady! Dunno, do you see any?

      It may appear so but in truth, the knowledge is and has always been there; only a matter of achieving fine tuning, getting rid of the static…no mysticism there, despite being the Gatekeeper (which can very well be a glorified job description for a doorman)!
      And no task can be daunting when facing it with such a company…

      “Eerily” isn’t it…thank you.

      Could be a prelude to action unwanted yet necessary, could be inner conflict a behavioral expert would take note of…so glad it had this unexplained effect to you ( I am positive that cosmic debris will fill in the blanks).
      Does it terrify me or …

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  2. Now I’m staring at my hands wondering where we’re going, wondering what to write in response to this distinctly darker undercurrent. Need to snatch some of that cosmic debris and employ it… wisely.

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    • Wisely…is a proper approach.
      Oh, I am sure The Raconteuse will find it, when the time is right.
      After all, a fair girl
      Can write stories well
      Even for what lies beneath the stairwell!

      And I believe Clark wrote somewhere (can’t seem to pinpoint where, overloaded today😅) The ghosts don’t haunt the Cafè, The Café hosts the ghosts…or something to that effect!

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  3. Dude!*

    So many excellent lines.

    I agree with both Chris and Denise above, this Six is a prefect example of the beginning of (a) chapter in ‘Tales from the Six Sentence Café and Bistro

    * multidimensional compliment… fighting my rogerian tertiary aspect** (“But…but! how can you respond to a Six if you don’t write your Six, you can’t write a Six if you don’t…” lol (should be enough for us to hear Mr. Floyd’s chorus)

    ** per the WD we all have the potential to have secondary and tertiary worldviews aka ‘aspects’

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    • Thank you man or should I say motivator stubbornaire and humannaturescholar extraordinaire!
      The synergy of the Proprietors in full swing…
      As I said I am the least among you to talk about writing; but you are right, Become creates an entry area with many corridors (story development wise) to be explored.
      And a seasoned writer has that in mind.
      I am most definitely not and I didn’t.
      Yet the effect was created, as you observed.
      It seems fair to say that my approach* at the SSC&B * is the same as with my art: I sense, I empathize, I create – with as less filters as possible.

      I sense big potential in the Tales…we only need some fine tuning, since there are already sufficient melodies on sheet.

      # lol careful , you are entering Heisenberg’s uncertainty territory!

      *apart from the occasional gatekeeping😉

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  4. Back….
    oh man! Love how I can read this (Six) at the top of the week and get something from (the reading) and, upon returning now, get something more… I believe that is the sound of a reality growing… ’cause just because a reality is fictional does not deprive it of the power to haunt or entice

    What an excellent notion, to find within (our characters or avatars or the person who spends most waking hours in the ‘real’ world) a strength that may (or may not) be diametrically-opposed to our rest-state selves.
    thesis/antithesis y’all
    where is Steve Ditko when you really need him?

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  5. So cool. I love how your episode takes this tale to another level, adding along the way a subtle horror factor which has (me) shivering with admirable fear!

    I like how ‘she’ knows the narrator (you) by all your names and even by another… there is a fine and unsaid connection! 😎

    The following lines capture well the perilous paths of light and shade the narrator will have to walk to earn reward:

    “Tell me Gatekeeper, how are you planning to face a predator if you linger being what they perceive as prey… how will you embrace the light if you don’t acknowledge the darkness inside?”

    Wizardly words work wonders!

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    • Amageing synchronicity…
      ” shivering with admirable fear” …that will wake ya up any morning eh?
      Black & white mate, black & white.

      Of course you’d pick that up!

      Only in synergy with…

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