My Love For You Is Deathless


{ Denise gracefully hosts Six Sentence Stories, where writers unleash their magic under one simple rule: in no more or no less than 6 sentences.
The third (and last…) offering for this week. The prompt word is : COFFEE }


My Love for You Is Deathless

Spirit of the Wolf, guide me as I walk into the valley of death, keep me and my brother under your burning eyes, howl oh fierce one, as I protect the ones I love and kill cleanly the ones who threaten them… Achak has just finished his war paint ceremony for him and his horse when he saw his friend galloping towards him on the Atlantic Ocean wave front of Narragansett.

Gideon greeted his dear friend and they sat down on the sandy beach (at the very point where few years later the Narragansett Pier Casino will be built, the remnant of which still stands tall as The Towers); first light of the day dawning and a cup of brewed coffee was all they were sharing in silence, as they both knew this serene moment was nothing but a prelude to the symphony of violence and death that awaited them.

Did you write your letter to Harriet? Achak asked as the sun began to bath them in morning light; it wasn’t until they were both on horseback, leaving the sea for the camp of the Union Army, 2nd Rhode Island Battalion, when Gideon answered: I did.


July 19th, 1863
Narragansett, Rhode Island

Dearest Harriet,
my heart is heavy as I write these words – forgive me but I lack the courage to kiss you and Hope goodbye as I leave our happy home to enlist with Achak.

War, civil or not, was never my choice; freedom, dignity, democracy is, as my grandfather’s choice was before me when he joined the 1st Rhode Island Regiment, the Black Regiment.

Both me and Achak will do everything in our power to return one day to a future brighter…but if I pass away trying, know my Harriet, my love for you is deathless.

Gideon Freeborn



# The 1st Rhode Island Regiment or the Black Regiment was one of the few units that served through the entire American Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1783. It is regarded as the first African American and Native American military unit.

# ” Narragansett “ comes from the Algonquian word Naiaganset meaning “people of the small point of land”

# Inspiration came to me… as I listened to a song named Dearest Sarah, by Goodnight, Texas.

About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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    • I may add that is harder for those who stay behind…because they are left without any other action but maintaining the home hearthstones burning…and Hope.


      • To receive this feedback from you Stardust , is simply an oasis in the middle of a desert.
        Heartstrings were more than moved, as I was writing this Six during the very early hours of the day, for more than one reasons.
        And to hear (yes, hear mot read…because I feel as if we are sitting at a low lit bistro discussing) you were moved so…I must have done something right then!

        Thank you also for using extra time to listen to the song…I will tell you, in all honesty, that nothing, n o t h i n g that exists here at inSPIRAtion is simply decoration; they all serve a purpose.


  1. … what is it good for?

    I’ll spare all Readers the audio, though by virtue of a certain shared taste and affinity informing the demographic of participants of the Six Sentence Story, surely Edwin Starr if completing my own commentary.

    What’s the old saying, Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.

    Thought-provoking sixifying this Thursday, yo

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    • …absolutely nothing! Listen to mee…

      Exactamundo, sénior Clark.

      Meaning that the other Thursdays , I was less? Huh??
      I’m messin’ with you! I’ve started a tab last night at the Yesyouwillregretthis bar and I thought: one more drink won’t hurt LOL


  2. Wow…this was powerful. The image of them sitting there in the dawning sun was absolutely breathtaking as I filled their location in using a memory of a day my family watched the sun rise over coffee with the horses grazing nearby. Absolutely beautiful, and thank you for that memory!

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      • Thank you for reminding me of a beautiful memory that I could share.

        Dragons are amazing, magical mystical creatures – up there with unicorns, if unicorns could breath fire and chomp up the silly knights lol

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        • I don’t know about unicorns but I sure love them horses. Without reins and bridles (god, I hate those things).
          They are up there in my list, right after dogs. And …whales.🙂

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        • Dogs and horses are just about neck and neck for me. Dogs only bump a little teeny bit higher at bed time because they can snuggle.

          Unicorns are just horses with a growth on their head, so the world got together and decided that to make them feel better, they would make them seemingly magical and very rare. The unicorns appreciated the effort.

          Reins and bridles kinda help, depending on what you’re trying to do with the horse. If you’re just along for the ride and wanna let em rip, hold on to that mane and let em tear away. If you are competing in show or trying to do an activity in a rodeo, the reins and bridle is sorta a little bit important. Yeah, you can steer using your legs and heels, but it takes an extra second to get the horse to recognize and respond to that cue than if there’s a bit – if you’re trying to barrel race and you’re about to do a hair pin turn, you really don’t wanna hope the horse gets the message at the exact right second – you’ll end up eating dirt. Too soon, you clip the barrel, to late and you miss the turn and then he jumps back into position. Both are not natural or fluid and your butt is down – hard. Same with figure 8’s leading into a jump in show. That leg action is marvelous until your horse decides “nope. Not gonna jump today” and kinda just stops. Newton explains very accurately why that is a horrendous idea, and what he leaves out, Wile E- Coyote picks up right before he overshoots the cliff and just hangs out for a second before plummeting.

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        • Man…I love your response!🤣🤣🤣
          So much, that I won’t explain today why I hate these things on horses.
          Remind me to tell you some other time.

          Do you miss riding your horse?


  3. (pasting discussion with Marla here, due to comment nesting making hard to read them)
    Marlapaige:I will agree, there are a million reasons to hate bridles on horses. All of them more or less academic because when YOU are the one flying over the horses’ head thinking “you know, I should just put the bridle on and I wouldn’t be practicing being an airplane right now” the arguments FOR the bridle just seem more logical. lol

    Oh, yes I do. Some of my favorite memories of my life involved horses. Whether we were riding out in the desert (on a horse with no name – or at least I don’t remember it so it fits!) to drink coffee and eat hotcakes as the dawn broke, or I was competing or in the rodeo… or breaking a horse (my instructor used to get horses that were retiring from the track but weren’t stud material and then make me turn them to show and rodeo – completely different skills, so my main skill was to not die as I personally learned all about Newton and why he’s like my least favorite person to have ever existed). I spent more time in the air (not with the horse under me) than I did much of anything else, but every fall every injury, was totally worth it. They have wanted me to go in for surgery on my back for 25 years now because it gets so bad that I can’t walk – I won’t do it, but moreover, if I do, there’s a very real chance I will never be in a saddle again. I truly love it that much: knowing what I know, having hobbled my way through 25 years of my life like an old broken chevy, I would literally get up in that saddle and do it all again and get all those injuries all over again – but this time on my older more abused body. I will never willingly give up the ability to ride – riding breaking my entire body and giving me up is the only way I’ll ever stay on the ground when there’s a horse nearby who is willing to let me argue with the for a while.

    Also, I love the spirit of the animal. You can feel it when you get into any proximity to them. You know they’re there before you ever see them. They are grace, beauty, power, and fire all rolled into one exquisitely magical beast. Oh… I could go on forever. I truly love horses.

    I’ve also (informally) taught a bunch of folks how to ride. When someone who truly loves horses teaches you how to ride, you gain every ounce of their passion… I was so very fortunate that although my instructor growing up had a touch of Mengele flowing in her veins, it was directed solely at the bipeds wandering her property. Those horses were the most spoiled, pampered, adored animals I had ever seen in my life (and I grew up in a house where the dog picked their side of the bed before the people). She’d spend her last dollar making sure those horses had absolutely everything they needed – even Skin So Soft from Avon because it kept the flies from irritating them. Yeah, the horses really did smell amazing – ad that’s not just my love of horses either, they were slathered in skin so soft lol
    Sorry… you asked 🤭

    Spira: And I am extremely glad I did.
    Nice to meet you, Dragon.

    Mp: It has been a pleasure, Nick.


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