A place to discuss about art.


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  1. Actually what I have in mind is not the academic aspect but rather a discussion about anything that stems from an artistic point of view / living. For example, one can simply drink a cup of tea – coffee; or sometimes one can perform a kind of ritual before tasting it. All the small details which resonate beautifully & enhance the experience; this is living and breathing art! Those magical moments can be achieved in every human activity, a teacher at a class, a dinner prepared for loved ones, a nice candlelight conversation and so on; being present is the key element, an art form by its own right. I think it’s worth the effort, don’t you?


  2. Εισαι λιγο απο τους φιλους που γνωριζω με καρδια μικρου παιδιου και ψυχη μαχιμου αντρα να σαι παντα καλα αδελφε μου και χαρηκα που σε γνωρισα

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    • Είσαι αληθινός και είναι τιμή μου να σε αποκαλώ αδελφό. Η χαρά είναι αμοιβαία για τη γνωριμία. Να’σαι πάντα καλά Λ.


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