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DSC00906 (1024x768) In the ancient Hellenic myths Ophion, (the Serpent), ruled cosmos with the Queen of the Titans, EurynomeContinue reading/Συνέχεια->

The Light within – Το Φώς μέσα μου


WP_000107β–Before we begin, a kind request: play the track below called “Ομορφοφτέρουγο”


. Thank you.

There are times when messages of truth & light come so unexpected in space and time that is almost scary how easily we can pass them by…

Personal story, from just a few days time ago : I am visiting my parents and around noon here comes Bill jr, my almost 7 years old nephew returning from school. After spending sometime with them, I’m getting ready to leave, gearing up for the motorcycle ride back home. Bill: “I know you have to go and probably there isn’t enough time for something I want to tell you. But it’s ok.”
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Shards of Infinite Love


DSC04214It is the hate of men that shatters freedom, beauty and compassion. It is the universal consciousness of infinite love that embraces with affection the broken shards.  Continue / Συνέχεια ->

To Stardust


DSC00309a2wmBill’s comment at the “mirrored pool of thought” triggered this painting.
You see, everything evolves in a Spiral…Home, indeed.  Read the rest of this entry

From Stardust


DSC00306awmBill’s comment at the “mirrored pool of thought” triggered this painting.
You see, everything evolves in a Spiral…Home, indeed.

” To slough off the tyranny of geography,
my eyes sink into the Mirror Pool

My spirit follows.

Interplanetary feelings well up from the abyss   Read the rest of this entry

Apocalypto – Harmonia Macrocosmica


" Apocalypto – Harmonia Macrocosmica " Acrylic paint & stardust on canvas - Ακρυλικά χρώματα & αστρόσκονη σε καμβά  80 x 60 cm.

Created for my life’s companion & guardian angel who loves stars nebula. It’s named so cause it only shows its array of colors under indirect sunlight (in Hellenic apocalypto means to reveal).  Hence the remark made by friends visiting at night : ” Nice piece of black wood. What are you going to do with it ?”!!

Acrylic paint & stardust on canvas.  Read the rest of this entry