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{ Denise gracefully hosts Six Sentence Stories, where writers unleash their magic under one simple rule: in no more or no less than 6 sentences.
This week’s prompt word is : EXCHANGE

This week’s story is special as it is what I offer in my first soc challenge…Clark & Ford also participating
… my first sentence is by Clark , Clark’s first sentence is by me, Ford’s first and sixth …yeah, you guessed it…courtesy of Denise…who enters the dance with the remaining two sentences from the 3 both Clark and I sent her!! 
full glorious moon…accoutrements at the ready…12.30 am … fun! }

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Fight night warm up…yeah, right!


I had prepared an intro for tonight’s Six Sentence Story soc challenge when one of the “gladiators”, Clark, posted his own.

If that is just his warm up…Oh God, where did I leave my last will and testament? 🤣🤣

Check it out here :


See you at the arena!