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manK I N D


A creation, oil paint on canvas 50 x 70 cm. And a Six Sentence Story.
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Tuatha De’ Danann – Daghdha


DSC09371” Grant, O Goddess, Thy Protection;
And in protection, strength;
And in strength, understanding;
And in understanding, knowledge;  Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->

Ode to Vincent Van Gogh


DSC08851July 1880, from a letter to his brother Teo : ” What did you expect? Whatever lies inside is communicated outside as well. Yet, even if a huge fire is burning in one’s heart , nobody approaches seeking warmth & passers keep to their routes seeing nothing but a few clouds of smoke from the end of a chimney “.

 June 1889. It is the time when Vincent Van Gogh willingly remains in isolation at the St Paul’s asylum, at San Remy; his aim is to escape… Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->

Ούτε κρύπτει, ούτε λέγει, αλλά σημαίνει.


DSC04480(1) w…The title translates : ” Neither conceals, nor says, but means.” It is how Heraclitus referred to Apollo and the Delphic oracle in the classical Hellenic world. It seemed well suited for this creation (as well for several others…). One could say that it is something like a mandala, where meditative observation resonates different meanings to different people.     Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->

Once upon a time – Μια φορά κι ένα καιρό


DSC04459 fOnce upon a time there was a little girl that had a grandmother she adored.  Years passed by, they both walked the path of time together. A day , the girl – a young lady now – asked her grandmother about a dream she had. She was walking on paths full of pomegranates.  “My dear child, it means you will have abundance in your life” she replied after a short pause, looking at her granddaughter’s eyes.
Not long after that day, Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->

ΆΛΕΚΤΑ / INEFFABLE – Fata Viam Invenient


DSC04397 a “Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your fate.” Khalil Gibran.
Every thought, even prior to its manifestation, is an entity interacting inside the cosmos. Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->



DSC04332Based on a true story  (except from the parts that are not).

“All men by nature desire to know. An indication of this is the delight we take in our senses; for even apart from their usefulness they are loved for themselves; and above all others the sense of sight” Meta ta physica ,Aristotle  384 – 322 BC.
It is that desire that led me to a long quest that ends here. It all started winters ago, inside a small London bookshop; no it wasn’t raining, had an unusual sunny weather instead! As I was searching through the little treasures laying randomly around, my attention was caught by a folded page that fell in front of me out of a tome of Virgil’s “Eclogue”.
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A Vision of the Last – A Memory of the Prime


DSC04324 wmTitle…sometimes a stepping stone, often the final touch. Guiding, explanatory or secretive is inevitably part of the creation; the last coat of meaning deposition from the creator’s mind.
But how does one assign a title to a creation focused on exactly the opposite side of this procedure ? Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->

Broken Seal


DSC04292” …and a plant emerged of no soil but stone at the feet of the dragon ; and the earth shook breaking the ancient Seal. Let the wise who have understanding know, the Time has cometh. The Time for the Breath of the Great L’ong .”
Ancient myths or maybe not …  Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->

Orpheus & Eurydice


DSC04268The legend says that after the death of Eurydice, Orpheus sang so mournfully that the gods shed tears.
Entering the Underworld he is the only one to soften the heart of Hades and make Erinyes weep. He was granted the wish to leave with his beloved under the condition he wouldn’t turn back to look at her on their way out… Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->