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Chronos (200th creation)


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Stairway to Heaven


DSC09589s” A stairway I beheld to such a height

Uplifted, that mine eye pursued it not.”

Dante, Paradiso XXI, lines 29-30  Continue / Συνέχεια ->

The Light within – Το Φώς μέσα μου


WP_000107β–Before we begin, a kind request: play the track below called “Ομορφοφτέρουγο”


. Thank you.

There are times when messages of truth & light come so unexpected in space and time that is almost scary how easily we can pass them by…

Personal story, from just a few days time ago : I am visiting my parents and around noon here comes Bill jr, my almost 7 years old nephew returning from school. After spending sometime with them, I’m getting ready to leave, gearing up for the motorcycle ride back home. Bill: “I know you have to go and probably there isn’t enough time for something I want to tell you. But it’s ok.”
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The Perfect Orange



Morning time & I prepare a fresh orange juice for my sun & stars when I notice this orange.                 I immediately become enchanted by the perfection of it’s shape, the magical symmetry (and trust me when I say that I’ve seen a lot of oranges 🙂 ). At once I take a photo and then it follows the fate of all the previous/next oranges.    Few days later I meditate on that incident;  why was I that impressed to photograph it ?  Why did it seem perfect to my eyes ? Loosing myself I reach across conditions of life… How many lost chances as we search for the perfect companion…How much time wasted seeking the ideal circumstances to fulfill our dreams…All the sources of beauty, love & harmony we pass by right now, always waiting, walking or running towards something non existing, an imagined future believed to be better than our present. Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->

From Time to Time


DSC00254Two weeks ago my dear friend from UK, Lucy, mentioned that she felt as if we’ve met before in other lives.   Read the rest of this entry