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The Spirit of the Falling Leaves


Part of the Lady of the Woods series, this is the sixth installment.

Words by Rumi:
” The leaf of every tree brings a message from the unseen world.
Look, every falling leaf is a blessing”

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Lady of the Woods V – DAPHNE


Metamorphoses…mortals and some times even gods are victims of a play of transformation ( that often results into a Hellenistic tragedy ) by the fates. Read the rest of this entry

Lady of the Woods IV – ΑΜΑΔΡΥΑΣ


A daemonia nymphe holds my hand. She whispers :  Continue reading

Daughters of the Night – Θυγατέρες της Νυκτός


DSC03560 (1024x768)According to Theogony by Hesiod the daughters of the Night ( Nyx ) are the three Fates ( Moirai ) : Lachesis, Clotho & Atropos.

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