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The legendary Nefertiti was the wife of Akenaton, pharaoh of Egypt during the New Kingdom era (1539 – 1070 BC ).
They must have really stepped on someone’s toe, cause after their death all they have created, reformed were destroyed almost to the point of extinction. Read the rest of this entry




DSC03119 (1024x768) Human beings have always been fascinated by the stars. From the cave drawings to the Hubble telescope, one common thread runs through human history: the yearning for the mysteries of the sky; the gaze to the stars. Continue reading / Συνέχεια->

Helios I


DSC09389Horus is one of the most ancient gods of Egypt; he dates all the way back to the late Predynastic period.DSC09395
At the Pyramid texts, 3100 BC , an Early Hymn to the Sun, Utterance 587 (1587a,b,1588a):” Greetings to thee, Atum. / Greetings to thee, Khepri. / Greetings to thee, eye of Horus, which he adorned with his two hands completely.”
The inscription reads : Ra Harmarchis, the great god, lord of heaven. The side motif depicts the primeval waters of Nun. Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->