From A to Ω


A suitcase of thoughts on the verge of…(some say reconstitution), wherein coexist : a cosmic radiation sensor, the nature of everything, the Arthurian quest for the Holy Grail & some old water of life…

(What?? How can this be possible ? Are you drunk, mate?)

2500 years ago there were some intelligent creatures that, for reasons unknown, had intentions.
Intentions beyond the scope of the problems of their daily lives, on a path of new intellectual (but not limited to) discoveries.

Where intention goes, energy flows…

Anaximander ( 610 – 546 BC ) was one of these creatures.

The main feature of his thinking was an inquiry about the cosmos.
The universe, according to this philosopher, was originated from a primordial substance; eternal, ever lasting, which he named :το Άπειρο ( Infinity).

He is perhaps the first to use this term, altering an adjective into an abstract noun, thus transforming a quality into a primordial element.
His Infinity envelops, informs & rules all.

During the following centuries the quest for the origins of the universe resulted, among other things, at the periodic table; the one we learn at school during the course of Chemistry.
In 2003 the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe or WMAP gave us the ability to create a chart of the cosmos.
“An echo of the creation” as Time magazine headlined it.

Of exceptional importance were the data concerning the composition of the universe.
The visible matter ( mountains, planets, galaxies etc) is the 4% of the total matter / energy of the universe.

From that, our most known elements consist 0,03 % of the universe.

23% is the percentage of an unidentified substance, known as dark matter.
Which, although invisible, has weight equivalent of its enormous abundance.

The remaining 73 % hides the bomb that blew the foundations of the scientific community…
Dark energy.
Unknown, incomprehensible even by our best theories.
Nevertheless, the energy “of nothing” is the power behind the workings of the cosmos…

Where intention goes, energy flows…

Intention is what the human effort is; to reconcile material & spiritual aspects.
In a universe of gravity and anti gravity, the struggle is towards the path between conflicting powers; fear & desire, good & evil.
A center symbolism of that is the quest for the Holy Grail.
According to the myth, the Grail was moved to a secret location from the neutral angels, during the battle between God and Lucifer.
In essence, the Holy Grail depicts the union; the totality of all the fulfillment realized by humans who lived their lives with their own terms… authentically.

Those with sharp eye among you, should notice the absence of the last piece of this puzzle: the water of life…
Well, if you were brave enough to reach this point, then you probably need a glass of uisge beatha or the water of life …the name given by the ancient Celts to the amber ambrosia we now call Scotch whisky!
It is also more probable that you are thinking that these lines can only be produced under the intoxicating effect of a 30 years old Scottish single malt…

Remember though as we face our certainties ( this & all the rest), that they are founded on a huge 0,03% !!!


(hand sculpted plaster on a canvas with acrylic paint 50 x 70 cm)


Spira / Nick © November 2022


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    • Thank you, Nancy!❣
      I try my best, although people keep telling me when the see my actual work of art in person, that photos do justice to it partially.
      Who knows…there may be a day when you find yourself at the Athens Airport (I live at 15 minutes drive from there) and then you can tell me yourself if they are right!😉
      Enjoy your Thanksgiving and again
      Thank you.🌹

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hm. You might be right – why don’t you slide over a double uisge beatha this direction, Nick.
    “Nevertheless, the energy “of nothing” is the power behind the workings of the cosmos…”
    I love the rich colors, the depth of the canvas.
    Photo 6 is my favorite. She sits at the edge of a reflective pool. 3D imagery is breathtaking… very cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Coming right up, Denise.

      Aha, the mirror of the mind.
      I am glad you liked the end result.
      I have sculpted the statue back in 2016 but I had yet to find a backdrop to compliment it.
      Reactions so far indicate that the contrast between the rich colored canvas and the whiteness of the statue pair well.
      Thank you Denise, enjoy your drink!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Q: Are you drunk?
    A: It’s your round I believe. Make mine a double, with a healthy serving of some cosmic soup! 😊

    Thought-provoking and deep words as always, Nick, coupled with your superb composition of the serene figure against the hurly-burly painting that could represent the universe. The photo arrangements are cool, esp the reflection one and the figure’s head lying down with green background.

    Cheers, mate!

    Liked by 1 person

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