{Denise gracefully hosts Six Sentence Stories, where writers unleash their magic under one simple rule: in no more or no less than 6 sentences.
This week’s prompt word is : SPARK}


Summon your strength, soldier on, get up, on your feet warrior …all these make good cinema, especially if they are told with a proper voice over a slow motion montage of rising up against the sunset.

Past the orders, institutions, circumstances if you dare to lift the glorification veil, you will find what is holding everything together: the bond to the man or woman next to you; past the -erie &  -hood all that remains is the certainty you got their back as they got yours , no matter the cost.

An ally will make you see and understand things about which no human being could possibly enlighten you.”…Carlos was on to something.

Regardless if some like it or not, regardless if some believe in it or not, there are people right now that are standing their ground in all kind of battlefields; if it makes it easier for you, sure…be my guest, assume I am talking only about warriors in uniform.

Kip on a bed that isn’t yours and dare to dream?

What makes it yours is the selflessness of the ones next to you, the invisible net of acts of empathy and kindness which allow you not to wake “in the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell”.


Dedicated to all the silent, brave souls who fight the good fight each day without a word, without a single complaint…


Spira / Nick © September 2022




About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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  1. holy shit! I thought, (after reading and quite enjoying the words/potential-reality-circuits) to note the first letters! (I rarely ever do…)

    This Six is an epipen…ephinefrine…. anagram…. the thing with the letters of the first word of each!!!
    (yeah, if you choose to delete this comment in the interest of the enjoyment of others coming here I’m good with that… lol no, seriously, I’m rhah-ther* proud of myself in noticing…)

    See you at the Triple C Club in the Bored Room at the Six Sentence Café & Bistro at II-XXII this after.
    (oh, yeah… I kinda mentioned your name over at Christine’s Collection… and the Café…but nothing bad, just how you’re the one to ask to make sense of my reference to the Bistro in my comment at her Six this week. Not to worry, I often type (comments) in a special, disappearing ink, it’s there but goes unnoticed.)

    which reminds me: remind me to mention the peculiar matter of involuntary invisibility…

    * best heard with a Thurston Howell III (Gilligan’s Island) accent/voice

    will push away from the desk and keyboard, the better part of valor and such…

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