How Can It Not Be


{Denise gracefully hosts Six Sentence Stories, where writers unleash their magic under one simple rule: in no more or no less than 6 sentences.
This week’s prompt word is : GUARD }


How Can It Not Be

A Queen without a throne
A Guardian’s broken bone
When all is lost and gone
How can it not be they are alone?

How can it be, people ask but do not care
For the answer they seek, simply is not there.
Dissecting endlessly until they kill the unity
Returning satisfied to their cognitive impunity.

Take my hand, a mother said to her girl
To the library, quick…where stories are kept.
The girl became a woman, the stories grew old
Her memories light a candle, for neither she, nor her mother are alone.

A tear shared, a soul bared, impossible dared
How can it not be we are alone?



(Beyond their reason, we walk
Beyond their treason, we talk
Beyond their traps, we trust
Beyond their maps, we must
Beyond their pretense, we love
Beyond their roads, our path

This is how…)



Spira / Nick © September 2022


About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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  1. Excellent poem, Nick, with powerful sounds and content.
    Yes, this is how.
    I loved the film Cool Runnings that we see clips of in the video, particularly the end of the race – how to overcome when people tell you it’s impossible.

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    • *big smile*
      Jenne, thank you!

      (And not being as vulgar as I need to be when repeating what our answer to them should be 😉…)
      …wait, I just remembered a more elegant response, I think by Audrey Hepburn :
      ” Impossible darling? Impossible is nothing more than it saying I m possible!”

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  2. damn*

    * compliment on a Six in a form I have v little grounding… kinda like jazz, I can listen and appreciate what is clearly a gifted practitioner of a form I can’t even fool myself into believing I can pull off**

    ** of course, that realization does not prevent me from enjoying something like this or, say Miles (five minutes after the theme statement but before the rest of band comes in to bring him back to earth

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  3. Nothing but blue sky… Nothing but, Nick!
    I have no words to articulate my reaction to your Six. Suffice it to say, it’s grounded in pure emotion. Expressed with my best soft smile – the one, shines through my eyes.
    I love your choice in music as compliment to it. And if not compliment, surely a clue as to your outlook after penning you last word (post Six).

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    • If words coming from a spring of crystal clear water can result to such a shine of a smile then, Denise, there is nothing more this driftwood can ask.
      Pure emotion, (despite what many think because they focus on the word emotion while neglecting the word pure) can be a force as close to being as anything. My experience shows that most people will run away from it , with various degrees of separation; from the reflex of a rabbit upon sensing a predator, to the more subtle “I got to go lots of stuff beg my attention.”
      It is what it is. A choice.
      A choice of music once used on repeat to conjure sunshine over a soul’s day.
      Outlook…hmm, I would like it to be but it isn’t.
      Now as the cafe is empty, I can admit it was a choice of music aimed to brighten readers day.
      Mine would be more like ” Let the wind carry you home
      Blackbird, fly away
      May you never be broken again
      Beyond the suffering you’ve known
      I hope you find your way
      May you never be broken again”.
      Now let us keep that soft smile of yours and take Hūnga out for a walk…you coming?

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