A Cubic Centimeter


{Denise gracefully hosts Six Sentence Stories, where writers unleash their magic under one simple rule: in no more or no less than 6 sentences.
This week’s prompt word is : PATH

..Does it?

As I sit at the edge of a cliff, overlooking the sea and a timeless beacon in the form of structured columns following the golden ratio Φ, I wonder: Why am I here, on this day, at this time ?

Does it have?

Out of a million things I could be doing, I am here, now, with an intention as clear as the sea before me and as big as a cubic centimeter; no longer than a month ago I had a feeling of difficult days ahead-should that premonition deter me from seizing what the day offers, in an effort to escape the Fates and ultimately answer the one significant question about the path I embark on…

Does it have a heart?

Yes…it does…hindsight or not, it does have a heart, one I choose to follow.


” Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore you must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if you feel you should not follow it, you must not stay with it under any conditions. To have such clarity you must lead a disciplined life.

This question is one that only a very old man asks. Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use…”

Carlos Castaneda, The Teachings of Don Juan


Dedicated to the souls that need neither motive, nor second thought, before they flock around whom they hold deep in their hearts.



About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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  1. “Out of a million things I could be doing…”

    You were there at day’s end, in a place of power, witness to a gorgeous sunset, available to a cubic centimeter of chance… may you always walk the path with heart, Nick.

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    • And may you always keep walking the path with heart, Denise.
      For, no matter how dusty or bloodied or worn out the armor gets from that course…forget not, milady…your Impeccable Warrior resides inside, intact…just a nudge of light and intention and she will glow again.

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  2. Bravo

    The secret of the universe and the search for it, is as experienced by some members of one of the three predominant worldviews of the Doctrine, always a solo journey. That said, there is a benefit gained when one searcher encounters another. Nothing like, ‘Hey, it’s good to have some company along the way for a time (although that’s a valid thing and does not denigrate the resolve of either party*.)

    The thing is, imo, the benefit of witnessing another expressing a thought (or insight or perspective on the nature of the world around us and the people who make it up is the magic of identification.
    Which (to me) is the sense of how the other person is experiencing a certain view of the world.

    And the real beauty part (as Lou Collins used to say) is that identification with another person is one of the few non-transactional interactions** available to us as people.

    OK I’ve done enough in my sometimes frighteningly effective role as a Comment Chiller…lol

    so, Good Six!

    * you want references splintering off inferences of suggestions? That last sentence triggered a memory of a single scene from a minor mover (Ghost Dog). jeez sometimes I wonder about myself.

    ** almost all other interactions with people is, on one level or another, a quid pro quo relationship. Which is not to say there is anything inherently wrong with that, but there is a transaction even when overtly defined as ‘nor for profit’ (lol)

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    • Clark, if you only knew the impact of your words to me, especially during this time.
      But then again (answering to myself) you don’t need to know because you are aware as you write the expressions of your thoughts.
      “One of the few non-transactional interactions…” nailed it, mailed it, touchdown! lol
      Loved Ghost Dog when it came out…another underrated movie.

      Thank you Clark! Enjoy your summer in that beautiful nature you live in, surrounded by loving people and perfect beings.


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