Deep Calls To Deep


This creation started with a vision two days ago…

…it was meant to be named Without… Words

And today came the words …

…completing the ineffable.


the semi precious stone is lapis lazuli, some call it Angel’s Tear.







About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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  1. It’s all so beautiful I could almost weep. Lapis lazuli (or almost any hue of blue) is my fave…and I had no idea it’s called “angel’s tear”–how fitting. Lovely work, Nick–stunning, quite amazing. 2 questions: do you sell these pieces? And do you allow bloggers to use your images, with proper credit?

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      • I am most glad to have blessed your day–it is my mission to be a blessing wherever I go, as the Lord has blessed me abundantly. Reading your words I go back for another look at your art–between the words and the seashells, I’m turned to mush, dare not weep…as I feel yet another poem coming on (better than a virus, yes? 🙂 ). Sincere gratitude for your permission to feature one of your images over here…I’m spellbound by them, and so deeply moved that it’s a bit frightening. Back to work I go 🙂

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        • Frightened you need be, Not.
          Your sentiments are safe. Other souls could attest to that, but not in a public forum.


        • I only meant that feelings can be frightening…particularly if one has built castle walls of protection…and a grande-size moat 🙂 The great thing about writing a serial for 6SS, is that I can attempt to work through some things via my characters–Bedelia, in particular. I was sure she’d be married off last year–but I couldn’t make her do what I can’t do myself. And marriage isn’t for everyone, so it’s no big deal. I’m eager to reveal more about her–and Zorah–as they engage in friendship. And there I go, nattering on like a true old auntie!

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  2. Dear Nephew, my poem–accompanied by your (permission to use) image which inspired it–goes up at midnight 7/11, US time. I do hope it pleases you. Love, Auntie L

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  4. I like the mix of materials you’ve used here and the varied textures, each element coming together to make the whole. I felt themes of death, rebirth, reinvention, incubation, a-spawning. A bit left field I know… but I also felt a Giger/Alien vibe, and imagined the piece rendered monochrome or greyscale – but then Giger often explored those themes I just mentioned.

    A tender NC&TBS tune to accompany! Yippee, I have tickets to see them next month in Paris! Universe-willing – I will finally get to see this class act 😎

    Bravo, my friend and dear wizard, on this new creation of yours – a pleasure to see and feel!

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    • A big compliment that is! Too much…thank you!
      As usually all the echoes you recognize.
      There is one more though, one that permeates this creation :
      Love & Trust.
      Nick Cave.. do not miss it! I can not even begin to imagine his output as he is struck so harshly by Fates…
      By the way, the song is not chosen as a niche addition, almost never does.
      The answer lies in the lyrics.

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