City…Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of..


{ Denise gracefully hosts Six Sentence Stories, where writers unleash their magic under one simple rule: in no more or no less than 6 sentences.
This week’s prompt word is : STROKE
A Tale from the Six Sentence Café & Bistro}


City…Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of…

One, two, three…breath, breath…seven, eight, nine…not worth it man, breath… the voice in my head tries to maintain control; the pulsing frontal branch of the superficial temporal vein says it is as futile a task as putting a lid over a volcano on the bring of eruption.

What the hell was I thinking, talking aloud to a photograph resting inside the Gatekeeper’s booth at the entrance of the Six Sentence Café & Bistro, mistakenly reassured I was alone; that is until a patron to be, on his way to the SSC&B decided to spit out his words of wisdom:
People are dying every day and you grieve…a dog?!”

Normally, I would not fall for the trigger trap but there is nothing normal about today…screw self control…pin pulled, safety flies away, incoming…as I turn & pivot my weight, right leg slightly wide and behind the left, I find myself nose to nose with a wave of wanna-be blond hair, brushed backwards; the Sophomore’s confidence evaporates upon looking my expression, along with the air needed to form sounds – still, he unearths a reserve big enough to say: “Nick, you called for me? “

Thought, numero uno: I still have time to push him aside and grab by the collar the object of my fury; evaluation, numero dos: the young dude is either too stupid to stand in front of me , given the state I am in or…too wise; decision, numero tres:
Young dude, hold my place for a while…I need to go for a walk…yes, use the damn leather chair…yes, I’m sure…a cigar?…@#*&%$ and don’t call, my phone is inside the Café.”

Holy shit, that was too close… nine city blocks later, that vein starts to retreat allowing me to find a spot to sit on the ground at the small park nearby; 20 years have gone by since they killed my dog, 20 years without wanting to substitute what cannot be replaced, 20 years of shoulda, coulda, woulda…

City lights begin to make their appearance, time for me to get back – enough incidents we had lately at the Bistro; I sit up, (the body always remembers), my hand moves like it used to when I gently stroked the side of his head…I freeze; a coat of fur beneath my fingers, a pair of eyes I have never seen before, fixed on mine with the certainty only cosmic debris provide…and close by, a butterfly, having delivered the message flies up in the city night sky.


 # A big thank you to Denise, whose Reciprocity unawares, twisted the knife in the open wound.
No sarcasm here, none.
The knife is, has been deep inside for 20 years, ever since someone poisoned my Snoopy.
Usually, I am the one who twists it.
Yet, cosmic forces beyond our comprehension have brought forth the pain & the reminders…as needed.

Thank you Denise, for taking me to the edge of that place…

Snoopy, my brother, I will see you again.

…you ain’t around buddy,
so ain’t no love in the heart of the city…




About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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  1. The pain of your loss will never dissipate entirely. The almost impossible challenge is in not allowing the anger and outrage at someone’s heinous act of cutting short Snoopy’s life, defile the magic of the 5 years spent with him.
    I too believe one day, you’ll see Snoopy again.

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    • Never does, nor we want it to be, right?

      At the beginning it was exactly as you described it. Over time the ( yes, you nailed that too) magic prevailed and is guarded at all costs; as it is with the lessons of love and life he taught me- lessons that were fully appreciated much later than their occurrence.

      …the red hot blade has cooled down, yes, but now it is harder and darker- truth be told, a big part of me is scared of it being unsheathed, ever. Perhaps Fates in their wisdom have protected me from the short lived pleasure of vengeance.

      And will take him along with the One Who Fears No Man out in the fields.

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    • I hope too…more than a bit…have some plans if I ever get the chance…and let’s leave it to that.

      “burrowed into our every fiber…” a phrase with context that comforts, heals, and signals its origins; burrowed inside, yes Liz.

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  2. Oh, so, so sorry to hear this, Spira. What a despicable thing to do to such a beautiful creature. Like Liz says, our pets will always stay with us, always have a place in our hearts, until we see them again. As we will. I’m shedding a silent tear for Snoopy and his master.

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    • And the moment you did, the tear transformed into one more star at the Canis Major constellation.

      Thank you more than I can say.

      PS: that photo is one of the few I have of him, 3 to be exact. Yeah, no time then to even take a photo of Snoopy.
      It was taken exactly 3 weeks before his death and 7 weeks before life changing events…he knew?…maybe.

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  3. They say everything happens for a reason Nick, but somethings leave you wondering just what exactly the reason was…
    Sorry to read about Snoopy; I’m sure he follows you still.

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  4. Anyone who would poison a dog is not a person i care to know, unless they are open to repentance and a true change of heart.

    Anyone who would tell you to stop grieving because it’s “only a dog” is also a person i do not care to know, same caveat.

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    • I hear you, loud & clear.

      Another behind -the- scenes fact:
      The “only a dog” person did exist more than once; the one that hurt most was a friend (at least, I thought so) with whom we had broke bread, she has stayed in my home…and the day after Snoopy died she throws that line at me…it was ctrl- alt-delete from that point on.

      Thank you.

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  5. What an awful Six Sentence Story. (In all the etymological, cultural remnant sort of use of that … adjective*)

    I can identify with half of what you felt.

    Dogs, for some of us, offer both what we would be as a person and how we might relate to others if living in a less imperfect world.

    Can’t imagine the energy sparked by the death not by natural causes.

    The truly terrible aspect of the loss is that, at least with dogs, the grief and pain is proportionate to the unqualified love they give us.

    * in part: source also of Greek akhos “pain, grief”

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    • Clark, my friend ,mentor hound emeritus…
      (as if Ford’s words at Born…weren’t enough, here comes another one by you…eye humidity maxed)

      “Dogs, for some of us…” yes yes and yes.

      “…proportionate to the unqualified love they give us” so true, so t r u e.

      Won’t add anything else, not because there isn’t any…but between Clark and a driftwood of a Nick, somethings remain unsaid, yet told.
      (Rule 9 from The Secret Book of Rules)


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  6. So sorry about your loss of a great friend. There are times when I felt my canine friend (named Shep) was more human than some of my two legged compatriots. Shep was with me for 18 yeas believe it or not and it was a gut wrench when cancer finally took him, I can’t imagine how cruel Snoopy’s demise must have been.
    Anyhow, I’m glad you stopped yourself from lowering yourself to the coward’s level by getting vengeance on him….he will meet his reckoning, somewhere….somehow. Just remember the good times you and Snoopy had and he’ll always be with you.

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    • I8 years…Shep was loved beyond measure.
      Oh, I believe you mate, I do.

      I don’t know if I stopped me…more likely chance, if there is such a thing.
      Thank you for your warm thoughts FT.


  7. Dear friend,

    I know first-hand how it feels to lose a beloved friend/family member and the unbearable pain that you must have suffered. I am deeply saddened by what happened to Snoopy, but if it’s any comfort to you, I am pretty sure that Snoopy is in a better place, running around meadows with my Ira, while enjoying the warm spring sunshine, and chewing on bones.

    As for the sick b@$!#%* who poisoned Snoopy, I have always believed that karma is a bitch. So, eventually, people get what they deserve.

    I know someday…

    When we first met, it was the happiest day of my life.
    You picked me up, and right away I felt the warmth of your arms around me.
    A glimmer of light, a spark of hope, my eyes twinkled.
    I knew you would take good care of me, and give me food, water, and a home.
    And the best pats on the head.
    But then you gave me more.
    You gave me love in a world fraught with so much cruelty.
    And this was all I ever wanted.
    To be with you, your friend, your family, your companion,
    Always by your side to cry and cheer with you, to bark, to protect you.
    I would follow you to the ends of the earth.
    I would give my life for you.
    But some ________ people did not see all the good inside me and hurt me.
    (I will let you fill in the gap if you want, or I can suggest a few words)
    And now, I can´t be there for you.
    So, I cherish all the good times we had together.
    Our walks, and talks, and hugs, and me resting my drooling mouth on your lap and messing your trousers.
    Sorry, you know I couldn’t help it.
    But I miss that, and I miss you so much!
    And when you think of me, at times I feel your tears falling
    on my cool wet snout and your heart is a thousand pieces.
    And this really gets me down.
    But you should remember that I’ve been such a lucky boy
    to be loved the way you loved me.
    To the full, unconditionally, so all-in.
    And you expected nothing in return.
    A bark would do,
    And me being around made you so blissfully happy, and that was mutual.
    So please, don’t have a heavy heart,
    Because I can’t be there to comfort you.
    And always think that I am truly happy,
    Someplace better,
    Treasuring the moments, we shared together.
    Being grateful for having lived with you!
    I know we will meet again, my friend.
    I know someday…


  8. My dear, dear friend,
    you magnificent bastard…god damn…
    Your words are the perfect closure to the best Mnemosyne this post became, not only for Snoopy but for Ira and all our lost companions.
    From the depths of my heart,
    ε υ χ α ρ ι σ τ ώ.


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