Not All Who Wander Are Lost (Tales from the SSC&B)


{ Denise gracefully hosts Six Sentence Stories; where writers unleash their magic under one simple rule: in no more or no less than 6 sentences.
This week’s prompt word is : KEY  }



“Don’t you go off again wandering, epochs and such – next time we, all seven, will find an exit out of the predicament…together” Mimi’s voice, as soft and earthy as petrichor, competed with the smell of the C C for C D she presented before me.

The puzzled look on my face, succinct like a neon sign in Hollywood size letters reading “How can she know?”, amused her; in a rare appearance, therefore precious, a giggle accompanied Mimi’s decision to rescue me from my bafflement as she walked away towards the Bistro alcove: ”Dear  Nick, power resides also in, despite knowing how, not meandering impulsively with the Fates…”

“A Coffee Cake for Challenging Days sprinkled with affectionate, timeless wisdom…served in the unique Six Sentence Café & Bistro way!” I thought while tasting a spoonful of the luscious cake, immediately feeling the ecstatic pleasure when flavors, aromas and everything else between, are simply perfect.

Enchanted by the sensory rainbow, my mind wandered off to the loves of my life…one in particular, seized the center stage.

The degenerate-scandal-seeking-paparazzies will be greatly disappointed in a second, as they realize I am talking about my motorcycle; 700 cc of pure two wheeled inherent danger, excitement, renewal, transcendence & freedom, that entered my life 15 years ago – a period during which, each turn of the ignition key has not dulled, nor lessened my respect and love for her.

Yet, I still haven’t named her, hmm…I grabbed my gear as I was walking towards the exit of the SSC&B when a voice stopped me at the door :Got a spare helmet?”.


A midnight rider you said…?


About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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    • Yeah Doug, I seem to do that from time to time lol
      To my defence: * 500A$ with each ticket is above my capacity
      * out of 8 school-buddies since elementary school, 3 of us were left to see our 16th birthday, all five died from motorcycle related accidents
      * although I long for the open wind sometimes, me loves me helmets; besides have you ever been struck by a bug on your face, going a moderate 100 kmph?
      * never been a fun of the ‘macho” thing where compensation of body parts is achieved by…you know what I mean
      *and finally, maybe there will be a day, Doug, when the helmet will be left behind…

      Now, if I was lucky and wealthy enough to ride in Australia (but please, not the Nullarbor, me needs some turns lol), let’s say the legendary Pacific Coast…well mate, there would be a time when my helmet would rest, for a short while, not on my shoulders!

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    • Time and stardust will have their say…
      To paraphrase a great poem I read recently:
      We Ride For Our Passion & Solitude
      Every Turn Carries Them With Pride…
      …Carefully Etched Into Every Twist Of The Throttle
      “I Have Known Love”.
      Thank you for stopping by…it is very nice to meet you.
      You have a potent way of creating wor(l)ds…

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  1. Liked it. Will return for proper commentationing*

    *compliment on a post that requires time to read and reflect (and try to come up with some clever shit and off the wall allusions)

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  2. (over-used favored joke coming…)
    The last line!
    Two words: Dude!

    no, serially, what a…not merely <seamless rather a smooth, with heart transition….

    like the drum break at about 04:22 of

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  3. I love the title of your Six, Spira. No truer words.
    “…as soft and earthy as petrichor…” is pure poetry. Hey, and if it wasn’t before, Mimi’s CC for C D is a permanent item on the Café’s menu!
    Motorcycles. I liken the feel of riding (never driver, passenger only) to that of sailing. Freedom is an excellent adjective and the one I always used to describe both activities. The freedom felt riding though, is different from sailing, more intense for lack of a better word. There’s nothing like it…

    “Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels…”

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    • Thank you.
      These words can strike a chord, especially when one has been/is at the side of Not All.

      Excellent! Coffee Cake for Challenging Days accompanied with Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee…hey, grab a chair-I’ll bring you your slice and two cups of that aromatic dark roast.

      (never driver, passenger only)…no…nope…you.have.driven.
      Being a passenger on a motorcycle is light years far from being one in a car…
      …(apart from the obvious) in the sense that You as the Passenger Drive the motorcycle.
      If you shift/ or not your weight to one direction it overides my input as a driver.
      This makes You a driver, an active co pilot.
      The two bodies have to synchronize, move as one to the rythm of the pulsing engine between their legs, turn after turn…

      So, you see…Never driver is not.

      “Running into the Sun…”

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