As a dear friend and I were sharing a cup of coffee at her house, she suddenly said to me that she doesn’t like at all the way the elevator door looks …I started to visualize various concepts and upon discussion we agreed to give me a couple of days to do my thing.
Only detail I verified was that she indeed loved sunflowers ;I already knew her relationship to the sun.
And here is the result! (yes, she liked it a lot!)

Now, before we continue with the pictures of the transformation, I will try and see whether I can translate the whole experience into a Six, the SSC&B way…(also because a certain hound dog keeps hounding me to write…you know who you are! )

The Six Sentence Story blog hop is hosted by GirlieOnTheEdge – (prompt word: rhythm)

The Portal

The Bartender sits quietly at an almost empty Six Sentence Café & Bistro, as her soul still vibrates from a Slow Burn; her eyes locked down the corridor leading to the basement.

Nick pulled a chair and without a word (spoken, that is) closed his eyes & synced to the rhythm of her breathing – floating cosmic debris do the rest.

“I hate the way that elevator door looks – I know it sounds silly but man, I really do…” she whispered.

” Since when the way a Proprietor feels falls into the light of psychoanalytic probes? ” Nick replied as he finally realized the object of her intense focus.

“Remember when you said: the sun’s warming soul?” he continued, “there is a Maori proverb that says Turn your face to the Sun and shadows follow behind you…

Tell you what milady – I am not called The Gatekeeper for nothing; go to sleep and tomorrow morning what you hate will no longer be.”






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  1. Intro first – wow! what a beautiful transformation! Your friend clearly knows to let you “do your thing”. I’ve no doubt she was quite pleased. Sunflowers are happy and smile inducing.

    Portals, elevators, and basements, oh, my! Most excellent elements for a story.
    The opening sentence – hushed, intense, it definitely sets the tone for your Six. Being familiar with the Cafe, it was exactly as if I was sitting there myself 🙂
    “synced to the rhythm of her breathing” provides a visual to the scene further complimenting the pensive atmosphere.
    With the Gatekeeper, there is destined to be some kind of magic wrought; I’m sure the Bartender will, and won’t, be surprised by it.

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    • Thank you!
      Indeed, she should & shouldn’t. Magic though, our kind, takes 7 to manifest!
      Again, wordsmiths like the ones I am in company with are the tip of the spear.
      All I am trying to do is make that darn hound silent so I can get some sleep…woofwrite…woofwoofwrite lol

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  2. Hello Spira and GirlOnTheEdge, great stuff, love the images and story. Though I have to say I have a bit of an aversion to elevators….just before Christmas last year I got trapped in my building’s elevator for 5 hours! Finally the fire brigade were called in to get me out after my landlord’s engineers failed to. I live on the top floor of my tower so can’t avoid elevators sooo….but after reading this I feel better about them! Thanks.

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    • Appreciated FT! It’ s one of these times where reality and fiction melt into eachother (or amalgamate as the Bartender would say).
      Glad it eased your emotions after your experience…always was wondering why not have in every elevator a kit for such occasions, including a read to pass the time waiting for the fire brigade 😀
      Thank you.

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  3. I don’t have an elevator but I’d love a door like that. Plus, a person should always have reading matter about them. Heads up: The Gatekeeper’s ears may have been burning this past hour or so. Maybe he’ll turn to a little interior decorating as the band starts up… I’m so taken by that design! 😉

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  4. damn! I responded (rather positively) but used a different medium/channel…. Thread (I think)
    To borrow from the Talking Heads:
    We dress like students, we dress like housewives,
    Or in a suit and a tie
    I changed my hairstyle, so many times now,
    I don’t know what I look like!

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  5. Love it, Nick. The Wizard has connected some serious dots here! I knew it was only a matter of time before you presented a work of art alongside some prose, namely a Six, and man, this hits the spot, especially as you weaved the magic of the SSC&B into the presentation.

    In the blue background I saw filament-like angels ascending to the petals of the sunflowers…
    I saw the stalks of the sunflowers as umbilical cords connected to the Earth…
    Funny, when I saw that door handle part in its original form I was imagining a phase of the moon… or a yin and yang idea… I like what you did with this element.

    As for the prose… you’ve successfully added another layer to what is becoming quite a big story for us all. I’m glad a certain proprietor has been hounding you to do so 😎 Me, I knew you would anyway!

    Question: how do we know if we can write, unless we write? No answer needed here 🤗

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    • “Me, I knew you would anyway!”…well, that says it all, doesn’t it?
      In a way manifested in times past, you have a perspective of my creations that echoes my deepest thoughts and ideas, even though not expressed.
      For example, the filament-like angels…I was thinking of them as a continuation on another door, where they take their form; the umbilical cord: spot on.
      So, for everything said and especially for everything unspoken yet as real…
      …you know what.

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      • Yeah, wizard, you know what…
        I’ve always found it easy and natural to ‘tune in’ to your creations. It’s like unsaid languages listened to in tones and colour, silent whistles, drumming only felt and heard when you truly put your ear to the ground… it’s the vibration of light as though coils of nylon and metal had been strung to its source from a headstock…
        … you know what, ay?

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    • Thank you Frank.
      Portals…my experience says it is in the eyes of the beholder to decide the nature of whatever resides inside/other side (same thing with the interpretation of art).
      Appreciate you stopping by.

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  6. ok. now for the post-Thursday commentationing… synchronistic story-telling much?

    Had my own Six scene initial draft with both Nick and the Sophomore unloading the truck… then shifted in response to this (your Six above). The coolest thing, imo, is how increasingly detailed the image of the location and the people/characters become with each entry.

    I shouldn’t sound so amazed, given how I’ve gone to the musical improvisation metaphor from, like the beginning. It would be only natural our stories, installments, contributions and whatnot should become increasingly seamless.

    ‘cellent wordage, yo

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    • Of synchronization…the music improvisation is a most accurate metaphor. “It would be only natural…(they)should become increasingly seamless” again you are spot on.
      Recently I read about exploring the onset of synchronization in populations of coupled oscillators.
      So if you think the SSC&B as a wooden beam and each of us as a pendulum clock, we begin as “ticking’ in our own frequencies.
      And that would be the case, swaying back and forth in our own rhythm, if we were apart from each other.
      But after a period of time the clocks begin to spontaneously synchronize.
      Now, let’s suppose someone tries to disturb the clocks and set them out of sync…after a roughly same period of time the clocks will be locked again in synchronization.
      It was 1656 AD when the phenomenon was first observed and the wooden beam was determined to be the factor that transferred mechanical vibrations from one clock to another making the oscillators coupled.
      Spontaneous Synchronicity has recently been explored (past three decades) with theories that reach into the chaos structure( which I find fascinating but my mind is unable to follow).
      Well, as you see you were right in more than one way! { I hope this was sufficiently succinct-I don’t want a ticket from the Sûreté }

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    • We need some magic in our lives – the length of our lifeline is a guarded secret, though we behave like it is not.
      So why not on an elevator door?
      Who knows, maybe a day will come when fairies dance on the petals of sunflowers…
      …and that’s alright.

      Thank you Keith.

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    • Tom, you’ve spoken like a true traveler!
      And being thus true is to reach beyond the pains of our life in search of what they say isn’t there.
      Let them think so, right?😉

      Thank you Tom stop by for a drink (The Bartender has an (uncanny) ability to serve “soul drinks” as I call them – uncanny only for those resisting to a place where freedom of being is paramount).

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      • Everything’s there… it’s just looking in the right places to see them! 🙂
        I shall try a soul drink very shortly… anything that refreshes the soul is always good!

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