Because dear friend… (Tales from the SSC&B)


This post is written in response to:
GirlieOnTheEdge Six Sentence Stories  (the prompt word for this week is MUNDANE)
– As a continuation of the Wakefield Doctrine‘s submission; you are kindly asked to read that first and then come back here!
– whatever is that we are drinking/smoking at The Six Sentence Café & Bistro (SSC&B)…in more eloquent wordage : ”  It’s becoming a place where a body can go to watch what happens when characters, avatars and ego projections are allowed to relax and hang out with each other.”

Here goes nothing!


“Bad ju ju, my man; maybe someday, but,” as I glanced, for a brief second past the would-be employee, to the far side of the SSC&B ,nodded and smiled to the tall thin man, “But not tonight”.

Normally, the tone of my voice alone would be more than sufficient for this determined student to do an 180 asap; still he managed to form a few words under the sound of the glasses on his tray keeping the tempo of his tremolo :
” But, but sir, mun-“

Dane is your mother, roight?” said the man joining me;
right hand locking with mine in a greeting known only to the ones who do as they say & only say what they will do,
eyes locked at the prospect’s face in a way that would make anyone but the Shelby brothers drop what they are doing and tactically retreat.

“Yes sir, somewhere in her lineage – though I doubt she is to blame for the fall of Mercia in 873 AD” the cheeky bastard replied as he finally accepted his fate, starting to walk towards the backroom with the dishwashers;
Take the rest of the night off” the Alchemist, also known as the bartender, said to the, not so determined by now, student as she approached us with that smile on her face no one can resist.

“He’s a good lad, don’t give him too hard of a time – just a bit of conditioning, the SSC&B way!” she whispered, hugging both of us and laying two drums of Heavily Peated Port Charlotte on our table.

3.30 am and all seven of us are gathering around our carved table – magic is about to happen;
I already know who operated the turntable ( by the finesse landing of the stylus on the vinyl)
and as Tina sings  Now you know the Night time is the Right time, the inscription on the table becomes alive once again:
Because dear friend,…



About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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  1. Damn!*

    As Agent Cooper might have said, 20 or so years ago, ‘That’s a damn fine Six’

    Kudos on the managing the interactions… one or two characters ain’t easy, seven plus.., ayiiee

    And…and! continuationing*** of a scene… first order rhetorical manifestation of the idea of musical improvisation that started the metaphor

    Anytime, dude, anytime, any storyline

    *traditional Doctrine expression of enjoyment and respect, the former incited by the roller-coaster of narrative and references**
    ** looked up the Shelby brothers reference… (in itself a compliment as the true magic, imo, in all good Six Sentence Story(s) is the state of mind of the Reader… sure, engaged is the first level, words that cause the Reader to invest in a tale, but the second level is more subtle, (and therefore rare), causing the Reader to feel confident in their enjoyment… tough to describe. Not only like-able characters but interactions and relationships that inspire the Reader to feel ‘a part of’
    *** not a ‘real’ verb

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    • My turn now: Damn!
      Thank you Clark, for the surgical encouragement and superb, superb inspiration.

      In hindsight, musical improvisation metaphor is spot on, indeed. Maybe due to the fact I have been/still am musically attracted to the impromptu facet, my humble Six synched successfully with yours.

      Again, humbled by your reference feedback.
      The roots of that line come from the reference to Peaky Blinders we serve forth and back Ford and I; since he is a Brummie and all.
      So materializing our interactions at the SSC&B on paper I found it impossible not to have some of the “By order of the Peaky fokin Blinders” aroma between me and Ford.

      Speaking of whom, I owe him a huge shout out since he is the reason I got to meet you fine people at the Six Sentence Stories.

      I’m off to speak with Denise, she has that fiery aura as she waits at the bar; you reckon the line last but not least will work?

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  2. I raise a rocks glass in salute, Spira. Excellent Six!
    Here’s to the 7 Proprietors (and the magic being created) and to the cast of characters slowly appearing at the SSC&B!
    And I love our carved table.
    Music…carrying me…eyes clo….sand…..

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  4. Nick, fantastic you made a Six! Fantastic you ‘walked-on’ from Clark’s Six (fantastic too that Denise has walked-on from yours), and fantastic the SSC&B is taking shape like this! Love it. Nice Peaky Blinders reference of course, and the ‘Dane’ of ‘Mun’ is a clever play and nod to an old project!

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    • So glad to hear from you mate!
      Fantastic, ain’t it?
      A lot of walking

      As I said, you are the reason I find myself eventually at the SSC&B.
      And how can I not nod to all these?

      Have to give you a heads up though…D, drumming nails on the table, budget…oh, you already stepped in her office?
      Oh boy…on my way…(it was a nice malt that was though

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