” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life
& is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now.”


“Some called me a loner, drunk with my solitude”


” Others, with words unspoken, said to me:
Why do you seek the impossible? “


As I was walking, a butterfly landed silently on my hand.
Wings broken, final are her moments. But, why choose this hand as your final resting place?


Do you really want to know, Wizard? – she whispered in my soul.
I do, I replied.
The sands of time shifted, my hand became as old as the branches of the cypress tree I was standing underneath.


Touch my hand, Maria from Distomo said.
Feel my…
…her sentence remained unfinished as my hand touched her fingers.


The pain, the pain…aaah, the pain.
The Wizard’s eyes became lightning,
his soul barely coping with the amount of grief and despair,
his mouth wide open; a volcano of ice and snow.



Each step carried him deeper in the snow storm, each footprint carried the weight of a thousand lives.
Now you know, the butterfly said with her last breath.
Now you know…



[ This post is written as a stream of consciousness in response to the following:
-my continued labors that still haven’t resulted to a birth/creation in memory of the Distomo massacre on June 10,1944.
– the beautiful company of writers at the Six Sentence Cafe & Bistro
-the completion of 51 steps on this earth.

The first sentences in quotes are from The prophet by Khalil Gibran
Soundtrack : Mise Eire II by Patrick Cassidy and Sibeal ]


About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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  1. This is a beautiful post, Spira, made all the more poignant now that I have read up a little on that terrible massacre. So horrific… and sadly not an isolated incident in any war.

    ‘The beautiful company of writers’ is such a lovely epithet… and do I detect a birthday reference?

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  2. Happy wizardy 51 birthday steps, dear Wizard!!

    Man, your stream of consciousness narration along with the photos produces a touching and heartfelt sentiment to what was an horrific massacre. Sometimes, no matter how much we want to, or try to, we can’t give birth to our ideas in a way that satisfies us, or maybe we don’t have the right tools just yet, or the wind’s not blowing right, or the stars just won’t align…

    That we have the desire deep in our soul to want to say something fitting is enough I think. But as artists we will always strive to deliver that ultimate tribute. It will come.

    I love the last pic a lot – it reminds of The Scream painting. But all of those photo manipulations worked out so well, the snow scenes are really cool. Your words are magical!

    I have to email you soon about events at work… Sod’s Law / Murphy’s Law, ay?

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    • Thank you dear Mage!

      Once again, like a true companion, you felt more than the words conveyed and forged the words to sooth the soul.

      Strive on we will.

      Ar, the fckn Murphy’s law…

      ( mate, if the Birmingham slang means anything else ,I’m sorry ; blame the article I read🤣)

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  3. If this be not the creation you strive for to memorialize those from the Distomo massacre, “Missa” is an exceptionally powerful precursor to that creation. I sit, tears in my eyes.

    Happy, happy, 51 revolutions, Spira!
    Tell me you will celebrate/have celebrated with a baked good alight with fire 😁

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  4. Happy 51 my very good friend! A lovely touching tribute to a terrible tragedy that I knew not of until you awakened my own consciousness to it. Sorry I’m late here, hectic work schedules unfortunately, but I shall personally be back to posting at the Precinct, hopefully this very week. Down here in my part of the UK (West Country, as it’s known) we say Ta Ta for goodbye, it’s interesting how dialogue, mannerisms and accents change wildly from county to county on such a small island, and so, in the language of my fellow Sou’westers – this ‘ere post was a proper job me ansum, ta ta for now. 🙂

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    • Oh, I love it Bruce, love it!
      For some reason unknown to me, I’m fascinated with language idioms from Great Britain and Scotland.
      Now that I am thinking about it, it probably has to do with people – (rant incoming);
      although few in numbers, people I have met from said countries, won me not only with, what is called typical, English sense of humor.
      They were not immediately open but when their trust was earned then the magic happened. Also,( maybe my idea- I fall for my POV often), there was a sense of I-got-your-back- mate in an unspoken way, know what I mean?

      Thank you for the wishes Bruce; wishing back at you all the best!

      * me ansum= usually reserved for family and friends…thank you!

      Alrite me luvver, ta ta.

      (Oh, I can see how this will end: one of these days I’m gonna make a grave use of the slang and it will end up with you, Ford and god knows who else schooling me, shouting Ya gate bleddy tuss!🤣🤣)

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  5. HB! NM

    “god bless S.o.C. and vignettes, everyone.” (E.S.)


    As the others have proffered: Most excellent work hanging on the spinning planet for so many revolutions. Mind the increasingly crumbly earth.

    *compliments on the multi-expressionalism** of post. Very immersive. Like jumping into the water with all your clothes on…. in reverse.1

    **not a ‘real’ word

    1) if that made any sense? our condolences

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    • Welcome Clark! Thank you for joining the Spiraville; I am hoping that your time spent here will be as rewarding for your investment.

      You have to help me with the abbreviations cause I am not familiar with many of them; google search doesn’t always help either, for instance HB gave Hemoglobin or Hot babe – which I doubt was your purposed meaning lol !

      Love the immersion metaphor. And your compliment is greatly appreciated.

      Well, I am doing my best to hang on this spinny spinny. Thank you Clark.

      Again, happy to see you here. Tbc at the SSC&B!

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      • H(appy) B(irthday) N(your first name*) M(your last name**)

        It’s a convention I use on the Facebook (usually accompanied by animated ‘Birthday’ by the Beatles (during periods of DMCA inattention))

        could not find your page on the above FB

        * being a clark*** I am afflicted with hyper-sensitivity to privacy (‘Priv-A-Sea’) to our friends Chris, jenne and Ford)

        ** the worst effect of this personality characteristic is to limit one’s availability of the currency of most social groups

        *** one of the three personality types in the Wakefield Doctrine

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