The Lucky 13 (The Calling XIII)


The thirteenth installment of The Calling series.
“….But the sea followed after you, and her song is still with you…
And though you have forgotten your parentage…for ever will she call you unto her.
Khalil Gibran .

As a present for my brother Michael, which he put in good use as you will see in the last picture.



Δέκατη τρίτη δημιουργία της σειράς με τίτλο Το Κάλεσμα :
“…Όμως η θάλασσα σας ακολούθησε, και το τραγούδι της υπάρχει ακόμα μέσα σας…
Και μόλο που λησμονήσατε την καταγωγή σας…αυτή παντοτινά θα σας καλεί κοντά της.
Χαλίλ Γκιμπράν.

Δώρο για τον αδερφό μου Μιχάλη, που όπως θα δείτε ενέταξε στο σωστό περιβάλλον!

Στην υγειά σας!



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  1. “Life is Ancient, older than every leaving…like the beauty that had wings even before something beautiful born up to earth and like truth was truth even before been told.
    Life sings in our silences and dream to our peaceful sleep.Even when we suffer, when we fall down…Life stands high to her throne.
    And when we grieve, Life smiles to the day,
    and is free even when we drag our chains.
    Life is deep, tall and distant…and although your biggest dream reaches only at her feet, is always next and close to us.
    When Life speaks…all winds become words, the smile of our lips and the tears of our eyes become also words.”

    My Bro, our Brotherhood is what best friends … can never be

    Shield by Shield…always


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    • You said it all Michael, through the words of Khalil Gibran : “the smile of our lips and the tears of our eyes become also words.”
      As for the Brotherhood quote…gold!!
      Shield by Shield, always.


  2. A subtle yet potent (like the whisky?) installation with shell, light source and amethyst stone – one of my favourite crytsals for its hue and ability to cleanse.
    My ‘thirsty’ eyes fell also to the bottle of Diamine and I thought… is it ink, or a good pairing for sea food?
    Excellent work my friend, and a fine sentiment and gesture.

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    • Amethyst is one of my favourite, for exactly the same reasons!
      Your eyes are spot on…the results of that sepia ink will be revealed to you in time…
      Thank you as always, well, for just being you!!

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