The Spirit of the Falling Leaves


Part of the Lady of the Woods series, this is the sixth installment.

Words by Rumi:
” The leaf of every tree brings a message from the unseen world.
Look, every falling leaf is a blessing”

On a sea stone, sculptured plaster, driftwood, fallen leaves 30 x 15 x 34 cm.


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  1. My friend, this is yet another absolutely astounding work of art! You sir are talent incarnate, a twitter share is in order I think to hopefully allow others to discover your fascinating artistic flair! 🙂 Hope everything is well with you, stay safe and take care. 🙂

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    • I am lost for words…and that’s ok cause not everything is meant to put in words.
      Having said that, your enthusiasm and support are indeed disarming!

      I am well and I sincerely hope the same with you & yours.
      Let’s take the chance to see ourselves in the mirror this pandemic holds up for us and maybe find our missing or neglected parts, redefining our relationships, hierarchies…
      Thank you Arcane, my friend.

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      • Hey my friend, your talent and love for your medium shines through your always astounding art, your posts and sculpts are unique and really deserve to reach a large audience. I am well also, finding time during our UK lockdown to write and draw more and I’ve finished new unboxing vid as a future post at the Precinct. Oh, and my non Precinct name is Bruce, so do feel free to use that other than my secret identity of Arcane, if you would rather. Have a fantastic day my friend. 🙂

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  2. Amazing stuff! This has been a really great opportunity for me to reconnect and rediscover earlier installations of this series; this may be my favorite though. It harmonizes very well with the other installments as well as with the selected quote… the lighting element is also just damn cool!

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  3. Exquiste. Not just the sculpture itself, but the way you set it in light and against the ornate robe background. The marriage of stone, wood and plaster is seamless, yet each element is allowed to stand alone and be admired. I also like the element of fibre – in that you used rope twine for binding, and parchment for the words. Just beautiful.
    Then suddenly, to me, I saw the entire sculpture as a sailing boat carrying a cargo of light: the stone is the vessel; the mask is the figurehead; the driftwood the masts; the leaves the sails; the twine the rigging; the shell the cargo of light; and even the scroll of parchment a lifeboat to carry precious words.

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    • This is the wonder about art! Exactly what you did!!
      A perspective so detailed and beautiful , yet escaping my view till you manifested it.
      What a great gift…
      (and that is exactly why I insist on not communicating my thoughts when I am creating the said piece).
      Mate, it was a much needed ray of light , the one you took the time to throw my way 😁

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      • Yes, so true, and I didn’t see it straight away, then, bam! Maybe partly because I was thinking of boats so much yesterday for my ‘Ghost Clipper’ poem, and also some of the components of your sculpture are from the sea, so a vessel was suddenly presented 🙂

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