While my guitar gently does not weep…


My dear friend Panagiotis brought me one day his old guitar with a broken head stock to do with her as I pleased, since her music days were inevitably gone.

And so I did…

Second chances… to breath life into the forgotten, unnoticed, retired from practicality… there seems to reside the notes of my creative chant.

And , to my immense joy, the guitar found her new place among Panagiotis and his family so emphatically…like she was always there.


Η παλιά κιθάρα του αγαπημένου φίλου Παναγιώτη ήρθε στα χέρια μου πληγωμένη, προς απόσυρση, σαν ύλη για μελλοντικές δημιουργίες.

Έτσι κι έγινε…

Δεύτερες ευκαιρίες…η ανάσταση & μεταμόρφωση του ασήμαντου, μη πρακτικού πια…εκεί φαίνεται ότι κρύβεται πυρήνας της δημιουργικής μου ωδής.

Προς τεράστια ικανοποίηση μου,  η κιθάρα βρήκε ξανά τη θέση της ανάμεσα στον Παναγιώτη και την οικογένεια του τόσο εμφατικά και φυσικά…σα να μην είχε φύγει ποτέ.


{The clay tile (base) is over 150 years old }


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  1. Love it. It appeals to my admiration for ‘junk art’ (see Kurt Schwitters) and found objects + recycling +
    + music!
    The lighting shots are pretty magical aren’t they. I love the crystal touches. I have crystals on my shelf and around my desk and am always pleased to see them turn up in the pics of others.
    Such a good idea to turn a beaten guitar into a sculpture. I imagine now an exhibition space full with ex-instruments, all lit up, inviting us to listen to the music of our imagination! Bravo my friend, I was so curious about this from your little WIP ‘teaser’ posts recently.

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    • (writes with a big smile on his face 😃 )…
      …thank you…
      You paint such beautiful pictures. And as you said, I can’t escape adding some magic!
      I absolutely love the exhibition scene…DEUS EX MUSICA
      Imagine if we could bring our creativity together in any fashion…
      Thank you again .
      I am a happy man.

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      • Love the title of that exhibition now… DEUS EX MUSICA !!
        There was this cool gigging venue when I lived in England and played in bands, On the walls they attached beat up brass and wind instruments, plus a bass and snare drum, cymbals, and bits and pieces from a double bass guitar. It was an iimpressive sight with the artwork around it, made to appear jazzy or bluesy I suppose.
        Another place we played had vinyl records attached to the wall – like hundreds of dark and shiny eyes watching. Looked cool, and good use I think of old, scratched records.

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