A tale of things invisible to mortal sight


For years I was thinking of expanding on of my favorite painting by Nikolaos Gyzis : Behold, The Bridegroom Arriving.

I finally found the courage and confidence to do so…

Clay and driftwood with patina – 1 m 40 cm x 2 m 20 cm.


Για χρόνια σκεπτόμουν πως θα επέκτεινα τον αγαπημένο πίνακα του Νικολάου Γύζη : Ιδού Ο Νυμφίος Έρχεται

Τελικά βρήκα το κουράγιο και την αυτοπεποίθηση – και ιδού…

Πηλός και αλίκτυπο ξύλο με πατίνα – 1 m 40 cm x 2 m 20 cm.


If I tell you that I had people who were more impressed with the masking of the devices/switches than the rest of this creation, would you believe me? Ugghh! (Anyway, I had to get it out of my system…onwards)

This text comes from the Hellenic Oxyrhynchus Fragments, the Gospel of Thomas : where someone is alone, I tell you, I am by his side. Lift a stone and you will find me. Split a wood and I am there.

Από το Απόκρυφο Ευαγγέλιο του Θωμά, τμήματα ανακαλυφθέντα στην ελληνική στην περιοχή Οξύρυνχος της Αιγύπτου.

MiKha’El seemed unquestionably part of the presentation of this creation.

So much the rather than thou, celestial light, shine inward, and the mind through all her powers Irradiate.
There plant eyes, purge and disperse.
That I ,may see and tell of things invisible to mortal sight. “

Paradise Lost, Book III – J. Milton


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  1. Can only try to imagine the heart and soul you have poured into this. I’m trying to assemble my racing thoughts and impressions and curiosities of it – it’s like you have expanded pathways, have allowed new ways in and ways out. I saw ‘scores of angels’ of all shapes, shadow and light, a ‘resting lion’ attached to a ‘number’ of possibilities that lie under our feet as we walk through temples. I saw galaxies formed and forming – and the yet to even begin to take shape. Was curious about the communication and switch tech too… I thought old ways to speak and switch on the light, when we could close our eyes, listen more to inner voices and outer choirs. And talking of music… the fact the art is placed above a piano speaks volumes to me, as sometimes the connection is greatest when the spirit is seized in the euphoric, clapping wings of music (I will spend my life trying to describe this moment and will never come within an inch of serving it justice).
    Forgive my rambling and a bit indulgant thoughts, my friend, but your art just moved me so.
    Always stay creative! Big love.

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    • How can I reply to the warmth and beauty and soul of your words ?
      I can’t.
      Tell you what my friend; I will let the impact settle down a bit and I will be back
      You humble me and strengthen me.
      Big love right back at you.

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    • My friend, so far yet so close… I find myself diving into silence more, words failing to orchestrate the dance they used to; and that’s the reason I delayed my response. But you deserve one , even if it’s fractured…
      We often, if not always, anchor ourselves in what is in proximity forgetting the unfathomable periphery .
      People saw this creation , but did they sense/express the ” heart & soul poured into this”?
      Yet, here you come embracing it just from the pics on your smartphone.
      How? Why?
      I’m just pouring out…but at the end of the day, acute attention and empathy is all it takes, isn’t it?
      So first of all , thank you for reviving the ” periphery” in me.
      For strengthening my stance in the constant balancing between belief and despair through which I create.
      And as a seal to your heartfelt response , you didn’t press the like button ; (please, let it be so.)
      That’s all I can put in words. The rest, if Fates will it, over a glass of wine…or two!
      * written with the sound of “It” by Anoice.

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      • Thank you for your reply and the good words my friend. I look forward to that day when we can share wine!

        Continued thanks go to you for creating what you do and sharing it with others. If I was limited to describe in one word the feeling I get when I see your art I would choose ‘magical’ because I always see some magic. Sometimes the magic is an inspiration or a conection felt to something meaningful, as well as the visual image itself. As you mention… the periphery of things… little lights on the edge that catch your eye.

        As often with choosing ‘one-word-to-describe-things’ there is need for a close second, or honourary mention, so I’ll choose ‘spiritual’ as that second word.

        Anyway, you (and a couple of other art blogs I follow here on WP) make me want to take up mixed media art again, it’s like a bug! And a drug! I must devote my time (at the moment) to writing, but I know I’ll return.
        In the meantime I enjoy the creative swells and currents found in the work of others, like yourself. So keep that art spirit going my friend!

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  3. Who knew mixed media art, so deliciously tactile by nature, could also be so spiritual, inviting the senses to soak in the mystery of creation, re-creation, the known, the unknown, as I see the “masked” phone symbolizing. Its purpose is clear but its re-imagining in your art is expressive of that inner longing to communicate beyond the boundaries, beyond what is seen. But that’s what your art does communicate, inviting us “the hearers” “the seers” to come on a journey of thought with you because “Behold, ….” An artwork to revel in, joyous and attuned to “things invisible to mortal sight.” A music of another kind.

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    • Dora, first of all thank you for your visit and beautiful feedback. I am not in the habit of posting links at comments I make; I honestly felt that you would appreciate the reason I did.
      A music of another kind…a compliment I will treasure! 🙏🏼

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      • I’m grateful you did share it, Nick, it’s so beautiful. A meeting of minds/hearts through stories and art is one of the great pleasures of life, and so necessary in this world that tries so hard to isolate and divide us.

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