Free at last { The Calling X }


I was prepared to lay before you a number of thoughts concerning freedom; for as long as I can remember being free has been the constant that largely defined my life & continues to do so.

But as I am writing these words the sunlight is blocked by smoke from forest fires and it rains ashes…

I have repeatedly stated that everything you see and read here is an honest part of me.


{tenth creation of The Calling series.
“….But the sea followed after you, and her song is still with you…
And though you have forgotten your parentage…for ever will she call you unto her.”
Khalil Gibran }


Ελευθερία… είχα ετοιμάσει αρκετές σκέψεις σχετικά. Ένα αίτημα που με καθόριζε και συνεχίζει να το κάνει.

Αλλά καθώς γράφω αυτές τις λέξεις ο ήλιος έχει κρυφτεί από τον καπνό των πυρκαιών στα δάση, βρέχει στάχτη…

Έχω επανειλημμένα δηλώσει ότι τα περιεχόμενα αυτού του χώρου είναι ειλικρινή κομμάτια της ύπαρξης μου.
Ως εκ τούτου…


{ δέκατη  δημιουργία της  σειράς με τίτλο Το Κάλεσμα :
“…Όμως η θάλασσα σας ακολούθησε, και το τραγούδι της υπάρχει ακόμα μέσα σας…
Και μόλο που λησμονήσατε την καταγωγή σας…αυτή παντοτινά θα σας καλεί κοντά της. “
Χαλίλ Γκιμπράν }

On a ceramic tile about 150 years old /  επί κεράμου περίπου 150 χρόνων  37 x 15 x 18 cm


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    • I am glad you perceived it in that way my friend. Indeed it is as you say.
      If only there wasn’t that gloom in the air and in me… perhaps I should share my intended thoughts with this creation at a later time.
      Thank you for your insightful words.

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  1. Beautiful! Bravo!

    I’m free at last, as well – since leaving medicine. The decreased stress has changed my life entirely. I’m heading out this Sunday for a developmental (content) editing course given by Shawn Coyne in Nashville, Tennessee.

    We’ve got heavy smoke in the air now, from forest fires in adjacent states. I breathed a bit of this toxic stuff the day before yesterday and got one of the most painful headaches I’ve had in decades. Must stay indoors, I guess.

    Keep up your amazing inspirational work. I love everything you’re creating.


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