Words of a tree



Once upon a time there was a little tree.

With it, a man & a woman, shared a piece of this earth.
Every day it welcomed the morning sun, breathed the northern winds and woke up the robin nested at its branches.

Time passed by…they all were growing up together.
Until one day, the sun wasn’t warming the hearts of them as usually.
The woman had a serious accident.
For a dancer, as she was, it was a fatal blow and the prospect of recovery wasn’t enough to ease the burden of her soul.

The tree felt their sadness.
Soon after, it became ill also. The couple noticed that and were ready to seek medicine for the tree’s disease.

But then, they decided to do something less harmful to the earth, although much more difficult…

So, the man began to clean leaf after leaf whatever was infecting their tree.
A hundred and eighty leaves later he lost count of them…a whole day he took care of the tree.
Each leaf & a prayer.

Time passed by… the tree healed.
The woman healed also & she was dancing again, light as a butterfly.

Time passed by… Winter came, with menacing north winds.
The tree was struggling against that weather. In fear of the winds damaging their tree, the couple decided to support it in a way.
So the man, with haste, put a chain around the tree.

Time passed by… a gentle man, who felt the pain of the earth, was visiting.
He noticed that although the damage from the winds has been avoided, the chain had hurt the tree quite badly.
It had to be removed as soon as possible & support the tree again in a better way.

Here they are again… the man & the tree.
To his astonishment, the tree has covered the chain with its flesh.
The man began to hurt the tree… to cautiously remove the chain of course, but still wounding it nonetheless.
Hours later, he finished and bandaged the wounds of the tree ( to be honest, he was actually trying to cover his shame).
He then sat with the tree under the sun…

He loved that tree… no doubt about that.
Yet, he hurt it twice…
Once for ” its own good” & then to cure the consequences of the “salvation”…

Is love reason enough to secure from harm a soul without any pause to reflect about the cost that safety demands?

Do you remember ? ” Seven times have I despised my soul… The third time when she was given to choose between the hard and the easy & she chose the easy.” Kh. Gibran

Is the measure of our love beyond & above the right of self respect and self determination ?

What amount of pain thresholds between a fight for life & life and death with dignity ?

When did we convince ourselves that a being has to speak the human language to deserve respect and enjoy its inherent freedom ?

The poet said: ” We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language we speak to seven words.”

A tree can say everything without a single word.





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