My road to Hell


DSC09280 xwm (974x1024)

The creation of Inferno has certainly been a milestone for me, personally & artistically.
So, I thought it might interest you to see some snapshots of the creative process, hence the title…

Everything starts & ends here: DSC09105wm (1024x768)
I dare to say that is not only my work-space, it is a sacred place for me.

A major inspiration, apart from the actual poem by Dante, were the fabulous illustrations by Gustav Dore.
The works of August Rodin have been another pylon of my effort. And of course, an extensive study of Leonardo da Vinci ‘s drapery studies.

At the Part II of this post I will share with you some photographic creations that emerged from various steps towards the complete Inferno.

So, here is my road to Hell…


Μία περιήγηση στα διάφορα στάδια δημιουργίας του  Inferno .
Στο δεύτερο μέρος θα μοιραστώ μαζί σας κάποιες φωτογραφικές δημιουργίες που προέκυψαν …καθ’οδόν προς την Κόλαση…


DSC08973wm (1024x921)DSC08974wm (1024x649) DSC08976wm (1024x944) DSC08983awm (668x1024)DSC08982awm (1024x857) DSC09007wm (1024x768) DSC09100wm (1024x766) DSC09133wm (1024x768)DSC09124wm (1024x965) DSC09106wm (1024x768) DSC09143wm (1024x768)DSC09142wm (1024x768) DSC09165 wm (1024x768) DSC09166wm (1024x768)DSC09161wm (1024x768) DSC09169wm (1024x768)DSC09186wm (1024x768) DSC09188wm (1024x768) DSC09213wm (768x1024)


                                                                     P  A  R  T    II

DSC09131wm (1024x768)DSC09131 xwm (1024x854) DSC09131xwm (631x1024)DSC09229 xwm (885x1024)DSC09236 xwm (1024x768) DSC09254 xwm (897x1024) DSC09257 xwm (725x1024) DSC09297 xwm (1024x602) DSC09304 xwm (820x1024) DSC09312 xwm (1024x768) DSC09280 xwm (974x1024) DSC09317 xwm (768x1024) DSC09222 xwm (1024x768)


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    • Denise, Thank you!
      It is. It is also my womb, for the past 11 years.
      The kinda scary are manipulations of photographs with the mirror effect.
      It always amazes me what can be seen by simply mirroring an image!

      And now, shamelessly, I will invite you to the finished creation of this road to Hell. ” Inferno”
      (You can click at the link in the post or go to the previous one).

      Again , for more than one reasons, thank you🙏🏼

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