A trust of Love


DSC00823 (1024x768)This is a post I was planning to write at the beginning of the new year but two events that happened today leave me with no choice but to do it now.
Allow me to start from the end, by describing & giving thanks to the people responsible for that events ( in a chronological order) and then proceed to the words I managed to put together yesterday’s early hours before dawn.

… I found it is the small things, every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love.” replies Gandalf at one point of Tolkien’s saga; it is for me one of the most profound perspectives of life.
Today it was my turn to be “caught” in this precious net of kindness.

I had a chat with a  Happiness Engineer at Automattic about an issue I had with my WordPress site.
Well, I always had a great experience from the platform’s support but The Panda (nickname of the Happ. engin.) went beyond of whatever I would expect and literally left me speechless !
One could say that a poor bloke from Hellas would be an insignificant quantity to such a big organisation but there are exceptions to the rule and my experience of the WordPress family certainly deserves the distinction.
So, Siobahn ( a most beautiful Gaelic female name which means The Lord is gracious) thank you so much 🙂

Charged from the energy  of Siobahn’s kindness I decided to cook something so that my sun & stars will find our home filled with aromas when she returns from work; and since we had a discussion about bread, Fatayer bread it was!
Which brings me to the second person I wish to thank : skd  aromasandflavours.com/
She has a wonderful food blog and she has a unique way to create symphonies of words, aromas and flavours that leave us enchanted.
Most of all, at least to my eyes, her blog is a product of love and it connects us again with the ritual of cooking and sharing food not in a mechanistic but in a joyous & profound way.
Needless to say that the reaction of my sun and stars when she saw ( and mostly when she tasted) the Fatayer breads (http://aromasandflavours.com/2015/12/16/chicken-fatayer-stuffed-buns-aromatherapy-in-your-kitchen/ ) and the hazelnut chocolate cookies is priceless.
So skd , thank you so much for enabling me to do so!! 🙂

Continuing to the thoughts that spiraled in my head yesterday…
I believe that we all are born with a reserve of love or maybe filled with love.
Each day we live, we use an amount; with every thought, word, action, depending on their sign, we deposit or withdraw from our personal account.
Until the moment we realize this continuous “transaction” our initial reserve of love has been decreased.
So, when the time comes to die, we all depart, inevitably, with less love than we had when we woke up from the sleep we never lied down to.

Imagine two children that their mother gives them the same allowance. Even if they are identical twins, chances are they will use their money with their distinct way, even towards the same goal.
There is a story from India that reflects that fact.

*** Once upon a time, there was a guru and one morning he called his two students and assigned them a task. He gave each an empty room and a rupee; they had till nightfall to find a way using their rupee to fill their room. The students were stunned by the seemingly impossible duty but they were determined to try nevertheless.

So, the first student runs off to the market, hoping to make a deal that will enable him to complete his task. The other one, although troubled by the difficulty of the job at hand, decided not to act immediately and he started meditating on his situation.
Night came and with it the guru summoned his students: ” Show me your rooms” he said.
With satisfaction all over his face, the first student replied: ” Teacher, I made it. With my rupee I convinced a craftsman to let me take the remainders of his materials & other garbage. So I filled my room with that…look…”

“And what about you ? ” asks the guru the second student as he opens the door of his room , only to find it empty and dark.
” Teacher, with the rupee you gave me I bought  only  a small candle and an incense stick.”
The student enters his room, lights the candle and the incense.
And the room instantly fills with light and the aroma of prayer.
The guru smiling, looks with love both the first, bewildered,and the second student…  ***

Same currency we have, but ours it is also the choice of the way we are going to use it.
The only thing that remains is to discover, believe in & manage that initial “trust” of Love…
DSC00829 (1024x768)


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