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A trust of Love


DSC00823 (1024x768)This is a post I was planning to write at the beginning of the new year but two events that happened today leave me with no choice but to do it now.
Allow me to start from the end, by describing & giving thanks to the people responsible for that events ( in a chronological order) and then proceed to the words I managed to put together yesterday’s early hours before dawn. Read the rest of this entry


Daughters of the Night – Θυγατέρες της Νυκτός


DSC03560 (1024x768)According to Theogony by Hesiod the daughters of the Night ( Nyx ) are the three Fates ( Moirai ) : Lachesis, Clotho & Atropos.

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Lumen de Abyssis


DSC03522 (1024x771)Created with gifts from the depths of Gaia and Oceanus, thus earning the title Light from the depths.

Φτιαγμένο με δώρα από τα βάθη της Γαίας & του Ωκεανού, Το Φως από τα βάθη. Continue / Συνέχεια->