DSC03400 (1024x768)
Seven spirals, seven driftwood, seven semi precious stones, seven gates …
Acrylic paint on a restored old frame and canvas,   1 m 30 cm x 77 cm.

DSC03400 (1024x768) DSC03399 (1024x768)DSC03398 (768x1024) DSC03396 (763x1024)DSC03404 (1024x753) DSC03403 (1024x811) DSC03397 (767x1024)DSC03389 (1024x768) DSC03391 (1024x764) DSC03392 (1024x768) DSC03393 (1024x736) DSC03394 (1024x768) DSC03395 (1024x768) DSC03421 (1024x746) DSC03418 (1024x768) DSC03417 (1024x768) DSC03416 (1024x768) DSC03415 (1024x768) DSC03414 (1024x768) DSC03412 (768x1024) DSC03410 (1024x768) DSC03409 (1024x768) DSC03405 (1024x747) DSC03401 (1024x768) DSC03420 (752x1024) DSC03411 (736x1024)DSC03422 (1024x768)


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