Sacred fire


DSC03357 (768x1024)” Πυρός τε ανταμοιβή τα πάντα & πυρ απάντων. ”     Ηράκλειτος

Fire is the beginning & the end of everything. ” Heraclitus

DSC03345 (1024x768)DSC03362 (1024x768)DSC03360 (1024x768) DSC03348 (1024x768) DSC03351 (768x1024) DSC03352 (768x1024)DSC03355 (1024x768) DSC03349 (768x1024) DSC03353 (768x1024) DSC03354 (768x1024) DSC03358 (1024x768) DSC03344 (1024x768) DSC03356 (1024x768) DSC03357 (768x1024)
Driftwood 12 x 12 x 33 cm.


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