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An Unexpected Journey


It is more often than not, that we find ourselves carried by the current of life to different places from the ones we originally planned… Continue reading / Συνέχεια->

Compassion into Passion ( Free at last)


Remember Marco, the turtle of the last picture from the previous post? Well, our visitor was set free today in a nearby forest from my Sun & Stars and a bunch of second graders. It was a marvelous experience for them to return Marco to his natural habitat, so that he can continue his voyages.

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Γέλα πουλί μου, γέλα


DSC00783 (1024x768) ” Laugh, laugh bird of mine, laugh /  life is a madness ”
(Lyrics from the H & P Katsimihas song ” The last dance”).

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The Green Dragon


DSC00719 (1024x768) It is the 1st day of May and the Green Dragon emerges in all his glory.
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