EPOKH∃ : Winter is coming


DSC00564 (1024The words are by Autumn Tears from their “Ode to my forthcoming Winter” :  ”   I am the raging storm and gentle breeze I am the glistering stream and earthen soil I am the rain and the ever darkening sky I am the velvet shadows of the night embrace the dreaming mystery… partake of my scornful bereavement welcome my tears “

DSC00564 (1024x768) watermarkDSC00582 (1024x736) watermarkDSC00569 (1024x768) watermarkDSC00575 (1024x768) watermarkDSC00576 (771x1024) watermarkDSC00578 (1024x768) watermarkDSC00581 (778x1024) watermarkDSC00579 (1024x768) watermarkAnd because when colorful appearances subside, truth emerges… here you go… DSC00580 - Copy watermark Acrylic paint on canvas  30 x 40 cm.


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