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Stairway to Heaven


DSC09589s” A stairway I beheld to such a height

Uplifted, that mine eye pursued it not.”

Dante, Paradiso XXI, lines 29-30  Continue / Συνέχεια ->


Where Gods Once Walked II



The second part of the photo collection “Where Gods Once Walked” (see the first part here ).  This time from Hellas and the south western side of Mount Parnassus, Delphi.
 It is with no small amount of disappointment, when I say that the Tholos at the Athena Pronoia site is not by any measure properly exhibited. Just a lousy sign…this country never stops finding ways to hurt herself… Read the rest of this entry

Helios II


DSC09401 aThe Christian use of the all seeing eye symbol is inside a radiating triangle, which represents the Holy Trinity. It is often seen in orthodox and catholic churches.
Truth be told, due to the medieval beliefs that it symbolized the evil eye,  it was absent until  Renaissance artists reclaimed its symbolic power in their art. Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->

Helios I


DSC09389Horus is one of the most ancient gods of Egypt; he dates all the way back to the late Predynastic period.DSC09395
At the Pyramid texts, 3100 BC , an Early Hymn to the Sun, Utterance 587 (1587a,b,1588a):” Greetings to thee, Atum. / Greetings to thee, Khepri. / Greetings to thee, eye of Horus, which he adorned with his two hands completely.”
The inscription reads : Ra Harmarchis, the great god, lord of heaven. The side motif depicts the primeval waters of Nun. Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->