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A Butterfly’s visit…


DSC00103As I’ve mentioned at the Madame Butterfly post I’m doing the photography/styling for their creations. So, when they asked me  whether I could accommodate their latest pieces, since they’re facing some temporary upload issues, my answer could not be anything but “With pleasure!”. Enjoy…

Ίσως θυμάστε από την ομώνυμη καταχώρηση μου ότι κάνω την φωτογραφία/styling των χειροποίητων κοσμημάτων των Madame Butterfly . Έτσι καθώς αντιμετωπίζουν κάποια  προσωρινά θέματα με το ανέβασμα των δημιουργιών τους στον ιστότοπo τους, η φιλοξενία μου είναι δεδομένη. Απολαύστε τα…


August 9,2014: I’m happy to announce their new blog here at WordPress Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->




DSC09215As we are reaching the end of another year, I want to say a heartfelt  THANK YOU  to all who share Spira’s journey. People from various corners of the world, each interacting with their unique ways. Have no doubt that your participation is organically connected to all that comes forth here. And everything that resides here (creations, texts, photos) are not mere artistic expression, they are me.  So, Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->