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Broken Seal


DSC04292” …and a plant emerged of no soil but stone at the feet of the dragon ; and the earth shook breaking the ancient Seal. Let the wise who have understanding know, the Time has cometh. The Time for the Breath of the Great L’ong .”
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Orpheus & Eurydice


DSC04268The legend says that after the death of Eurydice, Orpheus sang so mournfully that the gods shed tears.
Entering the Underworld he is the only one to soften the heart of Hades and make Erinyes weep. He was granted the wish to leave with his beloved under the condition he wouldn’t turn back to look at her on their way out… Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->



DSC04216You have flown like the primeval ones  /  Of no father, of no mother, you had your sons /
The Sons of Phoenix /  Ocean’s wave spray and Helios’s light are your water & food /
In time of Ananke you die only to rebirth in glory from your ashes  /
The time is now /
Restore the balance, you the essence of All /
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Shards of Infinite Love


DSC04214It is the hate of men that shatters freedom, beauty and compassion. It is the universal consciousness of infinite love that embraces with affection the broken shards.  Continue / Συνέχεια ->