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Long Live Rock ‘n Roll


DSC00552Thinking about my first encounter with rock it had to be through my dad’s records of late 60’s ; the preparation of the record, setting the record player, you know the whole nine yards.
Then it was a tape mixed by my cousin Jerry from Los Angeles ; a red tape with Deep Purple’s Machine Head (nuff said), Black Sabbath, Supertramp, P. Frampton…
That was it…hooked for life!   Continue reading / Συνέχεια ->


Hominis Creatio


DSC00459This is the Spira version of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam.

Η κατά Σπείρα ανάγνωση της Δημιουργίας του Αδάμ, του Michelangelo.   Continue / Συνέχεια ->