Seekers of Truth


" Seekers of Truth "  On canvas  60 x 80 cm.

During the recent past I have been privileged to participate & witness at a tiny corner of the internet an amazing demonstration of companionship, compassion, love & knowledge sharing.
As we walk  towards truth & freedom, each with his/her own unique way,  I feel the tiny cracks we achieve at whatever hinders us from our goal. Specs of light, slowly emerge from the fractured darkness…becoming at the end a Loving Light.

To all these magnificent human beings I am lucky to have encountered at KTM’s youtube channel, a small expression of my gratitude.


60 x 80 cm canvas.


About Spira

” The eternal part of our being is conscious of the timeless essence of life & is aware that the past is nothing but a memento of the present and tomorrow a dream of the now. The very thing meditating & singing from within, remains always inside the boundaries of the primordial instant that scattered the stars into the cosmos.” Kh.Gibran

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