The Loner


DSC09161Repeated efforts to make it  part of a creation failed due to the strong aesthetic qualities of this one. So, here it is standing proudly alone with a ,quite similar in texture,  small stone on top!

Driftwood & stone.  

Επισκιάζοντας συνεχώς τα συνοδά μέρη σε διάφορες προσπάθειες να ενταχθεί σε ένα έργο, κατέληξε περήφανο και μόνο !

Αλίκτυπο ξύλο & πέτρα.

DSC09160 DSC09161  30 cm


About Spira

A Renaissance human. Part healer, part B/W photographer, part artist, part sigh of a writer, part explorer of guitar & piano landscapes, always in love with music..."Music is the fabric that clothes our lives" as Denise Farley once wrote. All done with the dedication, intensity & passion of an imperfect speck of cosmic debris.

If writing is the painting of a voice, pick up your brush and paint a comment!

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