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From Time to Time


DSC00254Two weeks ago my dear friend from UK, Lucy, mentioned that she felt as if we’ve met before in other lives.   Read the rest of this entry


Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum


DSC09134Created after a trip to Yunan province of China & Tibet.

Hand sculptured wax with insert light.

Δημιουργήθηκε μετά το ταξίδι στην επαρχία Γιουνάν της Κίνας & στο Θιβέτ.

Σκαλισμένο κερί με ένθετο φωτισμό.  Read the rest of this entry

TRIPTYCH – Sacrifice


DSC08831An amazing driftwood I had for many years before I started to work with it. Actually, I didn’t have much to do apart from the head; the rest is as I recovered it from the sea ! Thanks to my parents I found this magnificent rock/geology history, also at a breakwater.
Created from Good Friday till Easter day… Read the rest of this entry

Cuonos be tu se


DSC09254What  a tree or a deity of earth’s nature would dream of ? The script in an ancient language comes from the lyrics of Eluveitie.  Read the rest of this entry

Yongyuan zai yiqi


DSC09158Together for ever, in Chinese.

Driftwood, sea shore stones, my ring…  Read the rest of this entry

Δυισμός – Duality


DSC00243Humans… a creation capable of the worst & the best a mind can conceive…

Mixed materials technique.

Η ανθρώπινη ιστορία – μια ωδή στο χειρότερο και στο καλύτερο που μπορεί να συλλάβει ο ανθρώπινος νούς…

Μικτά υλικά. Read the rest of this entry

The Falling Man


DSC09225After watching the 9/11  documentary “The falling man”  I felt like creating something in memoriam of all those who found themselves in similar, unthinkable situations. The most emotionally draining creation so far…

Copper, clay, plaster.  Read the rest of this entry

L’albero della Vita


DSC09007The Tree of Life.
One of the most widespread symbols and possibly one of the dominant elements at the shrouded with ancient time realms.

Το Δέντρο της Ζωής. Read the rest of this entry

Apocalypto – Harmonia Macrocosmica


" Apocalypto – Harmonia Macrocosmica " Acrylic paint & stardust on canvas - Ακρυλικά χρώματα & αστρόσκονη σε καμβά  80 x 60 cm.

Created for my life’s companion & guardian angel who loves stars nebula. It’s named so cause it only shows its array of colors under indirect sunlight (in Hellenic apocalypto means to reveal).  Hence the remark made by friends visiting at night : ” Nice piece of black wood. What are you going to do with it ?”!!

Acrylic paint & stardust on canvas.  Read the rest of this entry



DSC09212The candle melted so graciously during its use that resembled  the structure of ancient Hellenic theaters. That was the seed of which this fruit originated. He carries: violence, hunger, poverty, fanaticism, racism …

Clay, paper, metal,  wax candle.    Read the rest of this entry